Wise Acre Brunchin

When you’ve had a weekend of restaurants strikeouts..

And I mean a second trip to a new favorite, which failed to live up to its first round..

When you are starving and up for plain old bar food because stop one failed to deliver..

When said plain old bar food tastes the way bathroom cleaner smells…

No exaggeration necessary. I should have known by the slimy, dead looking asparagus..

One is in desperate need of a restaurant redemption..

Cue Wise Acre Eatery. A place were literally their farm is showing up on your table. A place where vegetables taste the way they should and even a┬ávegetarian would devour their bacon. And yes, you can buy it by the pound. (I strongly considered this, despite my red meat vacation…)

photo (60)

O hey buddy.

photo (61)

Order the CSA Hash, you will not be disappointed.

Or the egg sandwich.

photo (62)

Or anything else. Go, you won’t be disappointed.