Heartbreak Hotel

Well Hello Monday, you came¬†faster than preferred…. ūüėČ

Nothing like a weekend recap to beat the Monday blues.

Only two words are necessary to recap my weekend.


FullSizeRender (64)

Yes, the king of all things heartbreak, love and the search for the elusive future love, was in town on Saturday.

If anyone has ever experienced the breath taking, stomach pain, nightmare inducing type of break up, you understand Sam Smith.  Or rather, he understands you.

If you are on the seemingly elusive search for future love, his words speak to you.  If you hold on to the hope, that you will find that which you seek, the lyrics most likely hit a cord.

He’s open about pain, about joy and future certainty that despite the journey and the stumbling blocks, the love he seeks will be found.¬† At least, this is my interpretation of what his music is all about.

A number of his songs speak to emotions or experiences from my past, (which I’m guessing many of us can say) and seeing him in person was a romantic and hopeful experience for me.

Go see his show!

And because this post may not have been quite an uplifting Monday experience, here are cupcakes!

FullSizeRender (67)

Who doesn’t like cupcakes?

FullSizeRender (66)

Uplifted yet?

FullSizeRender (65)

How was your weekend?

Sweet Corn

How was your weekend? Full of exploring I hope ūüôā

Todays weather could not have been more perfect for exploring and enjoying Minneapolis, soaking up the remaining sunny days.

My weekend celebrating truly started on Thursday.

Thursday night dinner at a new place, with new friends.

The wonderful thing about this blog space; it brings different people into your life. It builds a community.

Megan and Nora from Two Birds, Jen from Apartment Wife, and I all got to cross another restaurant off the bucket list.

The Mill NE.

Hello yum.

photo (310)

I had the daily risotto with corn and cheery tomatoes. Let me tell you, the spice level was NOT Minnesota mild. Yes please!

photo (309)

Meg had the veggie burger, you’ll have to hop over here and ask her how it was!

We had a blast, got to know one another.. shared some personal details. Talked a lot about puppy pottie pads ūüôā

Round two soon ladies?!


Midtown and Pork Belly

Another addition of Bringing back the Weekend! Can we go back to Friday already?

Or back to D’s house? With her delicious spinach salad of apples and goat cheese? And her amazing squash pasta, with¬†hints of cayenne pepper? (My meals are dominated by squash lately)

photo (128)

Friends keep wanting to cook me dinner, could it get any better? And they force me to take home leftovers…… I wonder if its due to this single thing… or she was buttering me up, prior to¬†putting my body through her toughest yoga sculpt class.¬† My thighs still thank you…

 Whatever the cause, I will be making her salad dressing all week:

Mix together a little olive oil, white balsamic, honey, stone ground mustard, salt, pepper and ground ginger. Yum!

The weekend was also dedicated to my obsession with exploration; with a trip to the Midtown Global Market. Me never coming here equals a total sin. How have I never been here  before?

photo (129)

A mecca of food and culture, a market I should be coming to weekly.¬† As should you ūüôā

photo (130)

Groceries and foods of the world; a place I could spend hours and many, many paychecks. Trying to pick my lunch spot was rough, my gluttonous eye wanted everything. However, based on a recommendation, The Left Handed Cook won my rumbling stomach.

photo (131)

Pork Belly must have been the theme of the day;

photo (132)

Hello Notorious Pig Scallion Pancake.

And Ma Belle Rice Bowl…. I want to try every place in the market, however, how I am going to be able to deny the pork belly??? I may be picking up these to go on every visit….

photo (133)

A trip to Midtown Global Market would not be complete without margaritas from A la Salsa. Because tequila should always be included with exploring. And you never know who you might meet sitting at the bar. Possibly a friendly gentleman, who advises you to take every opportunity that may come your way. To jump in and push aside your structured plans.  That sometimes you just have to figure out life along the way.  To take things as they come.

photo (134)

So cheers to exploration, friends who cook dinner and gentlemanly advice over tequila.

What did you do this weekend? Explore anywhere new?

The Unplanned Night

Friday started out as any other unplanned night.¬† With¬†zero desire to venture out.¬†¬†With the couch and the Food Network sounding like perfection, because you know,¬†a four day week is rough.¬† My only¬†plans consisted of¬†a meeting for the blog, heating up leftovers and a cuddle with the puppy… And then all of a sudden, friend suggests a martini..

A Martini of all things. You hastily hop in the shower, because you know, you are still in your gym clothes.  You stand in your closet, momentarily unable to put an outfit together, for the weather of course does not cooperate with unplanned nights..

 And before I realize it, I am at a bar whose ceiling looks like this:

photo (30)

Yes I was the weirdo taking a picture of the ceiling in the bar… However based on the other photos in my phone, I wasn’t the only weirdo….

On unplanned nights you discover new places, see familiar ones in a new light, Friends hop out of bed to meet you and appear in a chic little black dress in under 20 minutes…

And then you find yourself devouring Chili at 2am… (I’ve previously written about this Chili Here)

photo (31)

Did you have any unplanned nights over the weekend?

Memorial Weekend

This weekend started off with big changes.. and by that I mean the material changes that really really matter.

Hair Color.

I was talked into becoming a redhead…

photo (86)

Followed by the most adorable one year old’s birthday party.

Circus themed of course.

photo (87)

Every little detail was so perfect and adorable.¬† If you ever need a party planner/decorator, I’ll give you Friend’s number ūüôā

Don’t worry, Friend provided some adult fun as well.

photo (88)

Celebrating one year of birth was followed by brunches, bloody marys (of course) and a bachelorette party.

And sometimes, the soul just needs a cool breeze, a city view, old friends¬†and some Moscato. O and a dog who won’t stop eating the potted soil, out of the only plant you’ve been able to keep alive for over a year.¬† Thanks Olive.

photo (89)

And finally, thank you to those that serve, continue to serve and have served our country.

Bringing Back the Weekend

photo (24)

So over the weekend I found a fountain and sat by it.

I convinced my brunch partner to toss in a penny and make a wish.

A wish that I would win the lottery…

Yeah, Olive did me a favor by chewing up that losing ticket…

photo (26)

I also decided to eat eggs by the fountain.

Only Eggs Benedict..

photo (25)

Then I decided, what is brunch without a cocktail? or two?

photo (27)

Which led to the natural debate of whether day drinking or cocktails at night is better…

Which side are you on?

photo (28)

And this is probably the most boring blog post ever.¬† Please feel free to tell me this.¬† It’s ok, I know.

How was your weekend?

Bringing Back the Weekend

photo (22)

After¬† a weekend reliving my college days, followed by a week of work travel; I was beyond excited to spend¬†this past¬†weekend grocery shopping, doing laundry and low key bbqing….

I think this confirms I can no longer check the 18-26 box? Bye checked box, onto the next age bracket…

photo (23)

I may have gone a bit crazy in the produce section of Trader Joe’s…..

As well as the wine section….

I also spent the weekend missing Mom on Mother’s Day, as we are now in two different cities.

Who had a more exciting weekend that I can live vicariously through?

Spicy, Salty and a Dash of Sweet

Cheers to the weekend, weekend!

How do you plan to enjoy it?

photo (72)

Perhaps with a margarita, chips and some spicy salsa??

I recently checked out Botanas.

Seriously, wheel me out of here.  I could not even eat my main course after devouring the chips.

And the spicy salsa was painfully spicy.  Exactly what I wanted.

After two margaritas I wanted my bed.¬† These will¬†catch up with you!¬†No longer 21….

Again, I encountered a food war.  Everyone seems to have a strong loyalty here too!

Which place is your favorite Mexican or Spanish restaurant?

Bringing Back The Weekend

photo (12)

Lately the law library is just a distant memory……

A memory being pushed away with wine tastings….

photo (14)

¬†Chased away with champagne….. and perhaps an indulgence in chocolate..

photo (16)

Yes that is a bacon chocolate bar! you too could Indulge here.

By sitting as close as you can get to an outdoor patio…..

photo (17)

By picking up¬†a bunch of tulips and pretending spring showed up… (these were the last ones, so I wasn’t the only one attempting to fake spring)

photo (18)

How was your weekend? Can we bring it back already??


Bringing Back the Weekend

In this episode of bringing back the weekend, we pretty much cover all of my favorite things.   What girl turns down wine, seafood, and shopping? Especially when all of those things can be found under one roof? The Public Market has to be the best place ever.

photo (3)

Whatever you are craving, you can find it there.¬† Want to sip away the afternoon?¬† Just do some wine tasting… and sample flavors from all over.

Craving a margarita?  Some sushi? How about some soup to combat the never ending winter?  Its all under one roof.

Stare at lobsters all day?  or during a two hour lunch?

photo (2)

Sample some of my favorite seafood delights?

photo (6)

Proceed to shop for wine….. Can I admit that sometimes I buy wine just based on the label?

photo (4)

And sample some olive oil like the sophisticated people we are….

photo (5)

Can we just bring back the weekend already?