Wedding #458

Wedding Number 458. That is officially the numbers of weddings I’ve been to in the last year and a half.

Well ok NOT 458 but it feels that way. People ask if we do anything else. Others ask if we TRY to get invited to as many weddings as possible.

As if its our hobby…

Nope. No sir, we do not.

It just happens to be an ongoing season of love, of two people coming together who happen to invite us. And you know, we go. We eat, we drink and we dance the night away. I am officially a wedding pro. I may be adding it to my resume.

Professional love fest aka wedding attendee.

In the spirit of adding to my resume, I’d also like to add Professional Foodie. Is this a thing? I am a phenomenal eater. I even practiced my skills at the new Pimento Jamaican Kitchen on Eat Street.

The space is bright, colorful and with the open garage style window, has a flowing breeze. All of which remind me of a previous Jamaican vacation, so my mouth just watered with anticipation and memories of jerk chicken. My hopes were high.

Pimento Kitchen 7

My taste buds were ever so delighted with flavor, texture and spice. Man were they on fire after a few of those sauces! Gimme all the spice!

Pimento Kitchen 4

I had to go with the One Love Special, a combo of the fire grilled jerk chicken and the slow roasted jerk pork.

Hello bowls of love.

AND the Jamaican pattie with spicy beef. (These brought me back to ALL those patties I ate at the beach…)

Pimento Kitchen 3

Curried vegetables and other meats were ordered around the table. My nose may have been dripping from spice but my fork just was not stopping. Word of advice, just order another Red Stripe!

Pimento Kitchen 1

Pimento Kitchen 6

I’d say my Professional Foodie skills were put to good use here.

P.S. This week I’m off to another wedding…. #459 😉