Wedge of Simple, Good

Its the simple “good things”.

Like checking out a new to me cheese shop.

Learning about cheese, sampling, having the owner describe and select a few.

Sitting.. enjoying a dry cider and taste testing.

A simple, good thing.

FullSizeRender (2)

I would sit and eat cheese all day…. except for this lactose issue I’ve developed.

FullSizeRender (3)

But really, you would be hard pressed to find a better place to sit and sample than The Wedge & Wheel in dowtown Stillwater. The Wedge & Wheel holds classes, pairings and private events, should you want a group cheese sampling extravaganza.

I would also accept any platter or cheese board you might pick up for me 🙂 I accept all gifts in the form of cheese.

(I must point out that despite my cheese sampling; I am still in line with my No Restaurant Challenge, as this sampling occured with my Aunt, who just happens to be a carve out to the rule 🙂 )

I’ve wanted to check out the Wedge & Wheel for quite some time now, so I’m including this as a Treat Yourself Tuesday post and linking up with Becky.

Have you been to The Wedge & Wheel yet? Do you have a favorite cheese shop?

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10 Reasons Iggy Makes Me Happy

Sometimes you go to concerts and only know like three songs.

Sometimes you don’t know much more about an artist, other than that she’s taught me…

I’m so fancy, but you already know!!!

photo (327)

And since I’m basking in my fancy concert afterglow.. here are a few reasons an Iggy concert makes me happy:

1. Overalls and plaid were everywhere. You will never again catch me in overalls but the whole return of the overalls provides me endless giggles. I just want to say Oshkosh B’gosh over and over again!

2. Men wearing overalls were grinding on hand rails. What?! The creator of overalls never contemplated this…. I’m sure.

3. Fanny packs. We wore these and it was normal!

photo (328)

4. Iggy brought back the movie Clueless for another generation. Pretty sure the freshman here were born a year after the movie came out?? #asif

5. Eddie Murphy clips during a concert?! Yes.

6. Plaid shirts tied around waists everywhere. Yes! I can totally hide the beer baby I have going on at this concert right now…

7. We are both all about that bass. Twerk, drop it low, booty bouncing love. For 45 minutes, she can make me feel the love for my pear shape 🙂

8. She just made me want to keep the party going… with strange hats that is…

photo (329)

9. The opening act was all hip hop from the late 80s early 90s…. My anaconda don’t want none… you know rest 🙂 Middle school dances anyone?!

10. While the concert and this post were slightly ridiculous, I felt like a college kid all over again. And what could be better than reliving some of those glory days?

As it was such a blast and treat, I’m linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday!

My Happy Place

The boxes are mostly unpacked. The pictures leaning against the wall crying to be hung. The kitchen is somewhat organized, though I can’t remember where I put anything.

I keep going to the left for the trash, though the trash can is definitely under the sink.

We are getting to know our new place. And by we, I mean the roommate and I. Neither of us have had roommates in quite some time, however with all this space and the mutual desire to up our travel budgets, here we are 🙂

Despite my inability to navigate our kitchen, the kitchen is still my happy place. Where I go immediately after a rough day. Where I go to show my love for family and friends. Where I find my calm.

Lets just say I am enjoying my extra counter space! And a live in person to cook for again.

I played around with this recipe a bit, and treated us to a move in meal!

photo (321)


photo (322)

And because this meal was such a treat, I’m linking up with Becky.


Nostalgia and Rustica Bakery

As a kid in Europe, I loved the bakeries. The fresh bread you could buy all over Paris. The pastry smells. The feeling as if I was living in a book.

Sitting on a park bench, breaking off pieces of bread and cheese.

photo (317)

My nostalgia could go on and on. My childhood there feels more like a dream these days. Did I really live there and have those experiences?

So when a piece of that reappears in reality today, a bittersweet happiness over comes me.

My first trip into Rustica Bakery recently brought waves of that emotion.

Out load and to no one in particular I exclaimed, hmmm it smells like Europe.

And how fitting, as I was there with a friend about to head to Paris.  I wish her all the Parisian memories to come.. and all the pastries 🙂

photo (316)

I cannot wait to try more of the offerings at Rustica.

And because this was such a treat, I’m linking up with Becky, for Treat Yourself Tuesday. Head on over here to see how others have treated themselves this week.



Mushrooms, Beer and Flats: Pure Random

Random and somewhat in that order.

Mushrooms, beer and flats all fell into place to create the perfect weekend.

Have I lost it?


I happened to get myself a tad bit lost in my own neighborhood Friday.. but what else is one to do when there are constant showings of your unit? And you and the dog are banished from the premises?


Not a bad place to deal with being banished.

You can even search for wild mushrooms back here…

Kenwood Mushrooms

Like if you were into that kind of thing… seriously that thing was half the size of the dog… she was concerned.

Once dog is allowed back into said apartment, a little night patio action is in order.

You know… to recover after traipsing through wild mushroom fields… I mean the city.

Minneapolis Skyline

And then, there is no better way to recover from a patio and wine night than an early walk to the farmers market.

Minneapolis Cherry

Sometimes I forget this is my backyard…. or err front yard…. still to be determined 🙂

NE Brewery

And then the beer happened… at the brand new Bau Haus Brew Labs in NE Minneapolis. Check them out, your bag playing skills have to be better than mine!

And finally to end the mix, the flats….


My first foray into b. resale on Nicollet.

I was not disappointed, check them out too! Perhaps before you sample the new brews? Or maybe after, a little buzzed shopping never hurt anyone… except perhaps my VISA card…

A total mix of randomness but yet the perfect mix of treating myself… which is why I’m linking up with Becky over at Olives n Wine again 🙂 She’s a big believer in taking time for yourself at least once a week to treat yourself, and I am on board! Check out the ways others have treated themselves this week.


12 Years.. Treats.. and Confessions

Happy Tuesday! Another edition of Treat Yourself Tuesday and link up with Becky. If you are new to this series, it is all about doing at least one thing for yourself a week.

This week, my treat involves a confession.

A big one. But of course, a confession with justification 🙂

I’ve received tons of grief for this…

For the last twelve years….

I have had….

The same tennis shoes!

Yes I know I know…

A running sin! (but I’m not a runner!)

Is that strong enough justification??? 🙂

Finally Friend D took me by the hand and led me into The Running Room.

Pretty sure the salesman thought I was completely nuts. As a former pro track and field athlete, he could do nothing but shake his head.

I never knew there could be such an analysis of your feet! My feet are literally in a new world.

photo (243)

Welcome to 2014 Christina.

We did trash the 12 year old ones outside the store. But not before I said a little blessing/thank you to the shoes for our last 12 years together 🙂

On a side note: Mr. Track and Field Salesman offered to train and run a marathon with me, despite the fact that he had never had any desire to do so prior to meeting me.

Was this a pick up line??? 🙂


Rocking Out

Happy Treat Yourself Tuesday!

Linking up with Becky again 🙂

Treat yourself Tuesday is all about doing something for yourself once a week, even in the smallest of ways.

This week its all about pasta, ladies night and music…..

Preshow dinner of pasta? Yes please.

photo (241)

My first show at the Varsity? Check!

photo (242)

photo (240)

Post dinner, treating yourself to some live music? The concert, the band, the lyrics that seek out the emotions no one else seems able to reach?

Dancing and singing our hearts out, a perfect Thursday Tuesday to me 🙂

If you ever get the chance to see Delta Rae, do it! AMAZING.

Happy Tuesday all!

What is the last concert you went to?

Milwaukee on a Cleanse

Happy Tuesday! Linking up with Becky for another round of Treat Yourself Tuesday.

If you are new to this one; it is all about doing something for yourself, once a week, that makes you happy 🙂

I think a road trip to Milwaukee to see old friends is the perfect treat.

Let me tell you though; road trips on a cleanse are rough! Especially when you are in the city of Brunch….

So brunch must change and involve a trip to my favorite grocery store.

photo (213)

Metro I’ve missed you.

photo (214)

Milwaukee on a cleanse also looks like dinner in. With homemade organic cocktail sauce. Cue wasabi horseradish.

photo (217)

Because I had to visit to the Public Market.

photo (216)

Who could pass up the chance to experience men dancing in full penguin zip up costumes?

photo (215)

And finally, I treated myself by stocking up on a favorite for post cleanse 🙂

photo (218)

Head over and check out some of the ways the others have treated themselves this week.

Skin Therapy

Finally linking up again with Becky over at OlivesnWine for Treat Yourself Tuesday.  If you are new to TYT, its all about taking some time for yourself. Whether it be a coffee break, bubble bath, a shopping spree, just remember to take some time once a week and treat yourself!

This Tuesday’s treat is all about skin. Treat your face yo 🙂 I’m a big believer in facials and getting them regularly. Fixing any issues and prepping my skin for the future. You know…… aging 🙂

My secret weapon or rather miracle worker is my esthetician Stacia over at Stacia Wilson Skincare.

photo (187)

She gets to know your skin… and tailors your facial

The compliments I get the very nnext day are proof of her work!

A visit to the Skin and Brow Girl is the perfect treat, make an appointment, you’ll be happy you did 🙂

Go check out the ways others have treated themselves at

Shop Small

O hey Treat Yourself Tuesday, it has been a few weeks. If you are new to TYT, head over here and check out what it all means.

As advocated by Becky, take some time this week and treat yourself. With all of the crazy Tgiving, Christmas, holiday planning, shopping brawls and menu scouring occurring; don’t forget to take care of yourself.

To kick off my return to TYT, I of course had to involve two favorite things.

Eating and shopping. Are you shocked?

But hey, my shopping supported a great cause. Small Business Saturday. Shop small, shop local, whatever you call it, just do it. You’ll find unexpected pieces and build up your community at the same time. My main shopping stop was La’ Garage and Gallery in North St. Paul.

photo (158)

Check them out, you never know what you will find; and you are sure to be treated with the utmost kindness and highst level of service the moment you enter. Down the street are multiple other places to explore… and a few dive bar looking places I have the mind to check out one of these days..

Love me a good dive bar.

photo (157)

Speaking of dives… Shopping builds up an appetite right?

Nothing cures my hunger like a good steamed pork belly bun.

photo (159)

And every steamed bun calls for a Godzillita. Thank you Masu for creating such a drink. Though I do have to admit, the color caused about .2 seconds of hesitation…

photo (160)

Now head over to and see how the others have treated themselves this week.