The Next Best Thing Syndrome

Over a pile of sushi and an afternoon glass of red, a friend mentioned another friend’s dating dilemma.

After meeting over Tinder and seeing each other consistently, a conversation was had. The I like you, I’m interested. Where is this going? The conversation that naturally comes.

And his response? “I see this going somewhere too but I don’t want to shut off the option of meeting someone else.”

The classic Next Best Thing Syndrome. Its like you are always looking around the corner for who is next. These four dates have been great, but o I have five new matches today. I need to see what they have to offer.

“I felt a really strong connection but now I’m not so sure.”

With every dating website, Tinder and any other app, there are literally hundreds of men/women in the palm of your hand. The app even asks you, upon matching with someone, “Would you like to message him/her or Keep playing?”

Yes, keep playing. Like a game.

It only fuels the syndrome.

The Next Best Thing.

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Do you agree, do dating websites/app fuel “The Next Best Thing”? Disagree?


Just Tindering Away….

You know that app, the one everyone says is a hook up app?

Yeah that one. The one I swore I wouldn’t dare go near..

Yep. Tinder.

Well a friend of mine downloaded it to my phone. Purely so I could say, “hey a friend downloaded it, not me!”

I’ve seen beyond the strangest things on there.

Like the rebirth of the “flavor savor”, a man in his wedding photo, the ever present fish holder, bathroom shots with urinal props, the office cube picture, a man and his clearly visible wedding ring, a plethora of pilots, and of course, a dude holding a fox.

Because foxes turn women on???

Despite the fox holders theres a glimmer of hope, and a match seems normal. So you go. And he shows up sweating profusely post bike ride.

With or without the sweat you would have never recognized him. You’re still unsure if it was the same person…. his photos must have been 12 years old…

And then, here it comes: he discloses the tests he puts women through. First he orders chicken wings, as he wants his date to eat them, yet eat them “appropriately”. Second he tells such an inappropriate joke, one that no one in their right mind should laugh at, as he needs to judge the women’s moral foundation. Finally, his third test, he would not divulge, as perhaps he had “already put me through it.”

So with that, app deleted.

Nothing like an app deletion and a trip to Milwaukee to ease the strangeness.

G spoils me every time I’m in town. Homemade Bolognese, be still my heart.

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Followed by a dinner the next night at my ultimate fav, Odd Duck

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photo (304)

A night out with friends, enough to erase away any memory of that encounter.

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Have you ever tried that crazy app?