Surprise, A Dinner Tour!

K said dress up and get ready for a night of fun. Can a girl hear anything better?

Our first surprise stop was at the new Bluejacket.

photo (43)

Bluejacket just opened; a small plates place, with a “Third Coast Feel.”

photo (44)

The mussels were spoon into my mouth, order extra bread good.

photo (45)

We were both considering whether or not we could just drink the remaining broth…… not weird at all.

With the first course a success, we were off to the main. A place I had yet to try, which in itself a foodie sin…

A place where the love and drive of the chef/owner is apparent in every detail.

photo (46)

I decided to embrace my inner carnivore again…

photo (47)

Ordered the strip while K went with the filet. However our cooking temps were accidently switched, so we swapped plates….Which was a heavenly decision.

(yet somehow I was still later sent crawling to my couch. What is wrong with me? I need to reseach this, can I just no longer digest red meat?)

Finally to cap off the evening… A nightcap at The Hamilton.

photo (48)

A great dinner tour K, thank you 🙂