Burger v. Burger Part 1

Burger wars, what? Yes that’s right.  Like every good city, we have a food battle going on. Some may say its over, the big networks have already covered it. Tough, it is new for me.  The burger battle is still on my list of things to explore in this city. So off I go on my merry way to discover, taste and rate these burgers…

Burger v. Burger

 First up, AJ Bombers:

photo (8)

 A wait for tables provides time to admire the art….I mean bench.  This battle is heated here, with strong opinions every time I ask.

photo (10)

 I like to play with my food, I mean menus.

photo (9)

 As my workouts have prepared me for tonight, why not try the Todachos??? Or Tochos? I don’t even remember, Nachos but with Tator Tots??

 Mustard cheese sauce? Not going to lie, I think this was my favorite part of the meal. Can I get this bottled to go please?

photo (7)

And for the main event; the burger.  The AJ Burger with pickles, sauteed onions, and jalapenos please.

 Verdict drum-roll anyone??

photo (11)

And the victor? Welp I can’t tell you until after Part 2 🙂 Prepare for another Burger post soon!

What food wars exist in your city?