Celebrate Proper

Happy Monday!  Hope you had an amazing 4th of July celebration.  Is it just me or was that the longest 4 day weekend ever? Maybe I just have not had a vacation in awhile?

I may need a vacation from my vacation, so you’ll find a mostly photo post.

How did you celebrate?

Perhaps with some sun…

photo (39)

City sun tanning….

photo (40)

Or some riverside dining?

photo (3)

photo (41)

And of course a few bbqs.. (yes I am back on the meat, if only in small quantities)

photo (42)

And how could you forget the mustache celebration?

Jet Set: Fort Myers Beach

photo (74)

I woke up to this view for three beautiful days last weekend. And I’ve confirmed:

One day I will be a snowbird.  You know, the type that lives in the Midwest yet spends the winter in the south.  Yes, that will be me.  One day.  Until then it is the vacations, celebrations and bachelorette parties that draw me to the beach.  Hello sun, cocktails and over eager 22 year old boys in bars.

I mean, doesn’t a bachelorette party call for a few antics? When you get about 13 girls on a beach, or dressed up for the night, reminiscing of college days gone by, you never know what will happen…. Throw in a party bus, mini bottles of champagne…

 Maybe hide your cell phone, from yourself?  Just saying….

 And then post-antics recovery on the beach?

What could be better?

photo (75)

I could easily see my future vacation house down this road…. Couldn’t you?

The First Patio Day

It is a Midwest thing. if you enjoy 60 degree winters, you will never understand. But when the first real spring day hits; when the sun is actually out to play; the city comes back to life. This day, is the First Patio Day.

The First Patio brings out the city.  And I mean the entire city.  People are walking, the dogs are out, the motorcycles are back, the top is down.

Where has everyone been?  Well hiding from the cold, silly.  Hermiting and hiding under layers.  Scarfs, hats and really attractive body length coats.  Hiding in apartment parties at night; calling a taxi for an 8 min walk.  Trust me, you would too.

But not today.  Not on the First Patio Day.  The streets are full… the restaurants are full..   its like a fight for an open table. In the sun.

Prepare for a wait, as even the servers are not use to the sun.  The sun is a stranger, making his first appearance.

No one quite knows how to handle it. From shorts to dresses to an outfit that almost shows your unmentionables; we are not quite sure how to dress. It may have been approaching 70 degrees, but as happy hour draws to a close, so does the almost 70 degrees.  But it is the First Patio, so we forgive those outfits not quite yet appropriate.  And we’ve all been hiding under layers, so our ghost white skin is dying for some vitamin D.  So we forgive and look away.

The First Patio is a Midwest phenomenon…

Even the new Thai Restaurant, that lacks a patio, celebrates the First Patio, with a beer on the doorsteps as you wait for takeout.


photo (73)