Wedge of Simple, Good

Its the simple “good things”.

Like checking out a new to me cheese shop.

Learning about cheese, sampling, having the owner describe and select a few.

Sitting.. enjoying a dry cider and taste testing.

A simple, good thing.

FullSizeRender (2)

I would sit and eat cheese all day…. except for this lactose issue I’ve developed.

FullSizeRender (3)

But really, you would be hard pressed to find a better place to sit and sample than The Wedge & Wheel in dowtown Stillwater. The Wedge & Wheel holds classes, pairings and private events, should you want a group cheese sampling extravaganza.

I would also accept any platter or cheese board you might pick up for me 🙂 I accept all gifts in the form of cheese.

(I must point out that despite my cheese sampling; I am still in line with my No Restaurant Challenge, as this sampling occured with my Aunt, who just happens to be a carve out to the rule 🙂 )

I’ve wanted to check out the Wedge & Wheel for quite some time now, so I’m including this as a Treat Yourself Tuesday post and linking up with Becky.

Have you been to The Wedge & Wheel yet? Do you have a favorite cheese shop?

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Greek Food for Weeks

How was your weekend? Was it as full of good food, laughter and family as mine?

When family surprises are in store, they come with lots of Greek food.

I mean, Obviously.

photo (91)

Surprises crave Greek food. Flaming cheese, baba ghannuj , mussels and wine; all required at the table.

photo (92)

The setting was a favorite due to Sister’s previous employment. Aristos treats us like family and never fails to end our meal with complimentary Tiramisu.

photo (93)

You never know what you may find waiting at the table……. a tour of Greece, or an out of town family member, Surprise!

photo (94)

Hello shrimp and feta..

photo (95)

And just like that, I’ve had enough Greek food for weeks!

Happy late birthday father.

How was your weekend? 🙂

Murasaki Cravings

Prior to ending my Month in the burbs, we had to stop by a family favorite.

A family favorite, that yes, is found in a strip mall. It started off small and eventually took over additional space. A family owned joint that every time, recognizes our family.  A spot that knows Father always gets the Teriyaki Chicken, minus the Teriyaki….

Hold the sugar please.

A place you may be shocked to find has great sushi. Just walk inside.

Hello Murasaki.

photo (84)

I never fail to clean my plate.

photo (85)

Wasabi pork shumai, yes I ate every single one.

photo (86)

If you are ever in Stillwater, check out this place out. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Where are you headed this weekend?

The Green Room

It was a Tuesday night and the middle of my commute home.. when all of a sudden I had the urge to go out to dinner. Surprise surprise 🙂

And then I realized, wait, you currently live in the suburbs…. where in the world am I going to dinner? (no offense to suburbanites, I am just a fish out of water) What are my options?

Have no fear, downtown Stillwater and The Green Room are here!

photo (56)

Hello exposed brick and rafters, I feel right at home.

Even made my self at home by lounging on the window seat, pillows provided.

photo (57)

The Green Room specializes in world cuisine yet locally sources many of their ingredients. Choosing what we ordered was tough, I mean we wanted everything…. or at least I did.

photo (58)

The samosa with red curry and mint chutney; yum! and not Minnesota mild if you know what I mean in terms of spice level. I was almost transported back to Singapore with that spice level and yes, I’ll take it!

photo (59)

If you are ever in downtown Stillwater, check out The Green Room. I will be going back for more.