Joys of Fall….

Remember those blanks in the calendar I once professed my love and excitement for?

Well those blanks somehow dwindled…. were too few cherished evenings.  In their place have been the joys of fall.

Joys of fall…. something I don’t normally say.

I mean.. I know what comes after fall in Minnesota. What those tumbling leaves mean. Those fire red leaves, flashing at me to book my beach vacation now!

Fall to me means winter is coming….

But this year something is different. I’m taking in all the fall activities without that grain of salt or nagging feeling of “I know you’re coming snow….”

Like Fall Funday, which friend Kbail plans every year.  This year a tour of breweries and “hop off the light rail spots.”

Like Bang Brewery.

FullSizeRender (143)

At Bang Brewery you can apparently find men posing in the door way…. who wouldn’t want to go there 🙂


Like all the plaid you can wear required.


Post Fall Funday, do you know what is required?

Um… Bacon.

Did you know all the things you can do with bacon? Or the types or meals you can add bacon to? (psst even vegan bacon :))

Like this Praline Bacon from Heyday!!


When fall comes around, I’m over here throwing bacon in and on everything… like salads, pastas and my brussel sprouts. For other ways to use bacon, check out this article

Do you have a favorite fall ingredient?

AND Are you out there enjoying all Fall has to offer? If not, get to it!

Snow is coming…. shhhhh 🙂

Heartbreak Hotel

Well Hello Monday, you came faster than preferred…. 😉

Nothing like a weekend recap to beat the Monday blues.

Only two words are necessary to recap my weekend.


FullSizeRender (64)

Yes, the king of all things heartbreak, love and the search for the elusive future love, was in town on Saturday.

If anyone has ever experienced the breath taking, stomach pain, nightmare inducing type of break up, you understand Sam Smith.  Or rather, he understands you.

If you are on the seemingly elusive search for future love, his words speak to you.  If you hold on to the hope, that you will find that which you seek, the lyrics most likely hit a cord.

He’s open about pain, about joy and future certainty that despite the journey and the stumbling blocks, the love he seeks will be found.  At least, this is my interpretation of what his music is all about.

A number of his songs speak to emotions or experiences from my past, (which I’m guessing many of us can say) and seeing him in person was a romantic and hopeful experience for me.

Go see his show!

And because this post may not have been quite an uplifting Monday experience, here are cupcakes!

FullSizeRender (67)

Who doesn’t like cupcakes?

FullSizeRender (66)

Uplifted yet?

FullSizeRender (65)

How was your weekend?

Friday Favs #1

 Happy Friday! Today I’m trying out something new and linking up with Katie, Heather and Claire for Friday Favs. 

Here is a roundup of my favorite things from this week.

1) My new favorite boutique Primrose Park, that just so happens to be down the street from my place.  I’ve popped in a few times now and treated myself to a dainty bar necklace by Sbg Designs. I literally have not taken off my new necklace. Seriously, I wear it with everything, alone, layered, with my pajamas.. without pajamas….. and it only comes off to shower. TMI? If you haven’t been yet, head on over to Primrose Park. Let me know and I’ll meet you there, its way too close for my Mastercard’s comfort 🙂

2) Bryant Lake Bowl. Um somehow I’ve never been here before?! Hands down my new favorite date spot. Or brunch, or activity spot. Can I go again next week!?

FullSizeRender (14)

(Yes my jeans are too long and I had to roll them into my socks….AND I was wearing Christmas socks.)

3) This pasta dish: Trufled Cream with Langostine Lobster and butternut squash, Hello Broder’s Pasta Bar.


4) Christmas table decor, because you know, its 9 degrees outside in November! I have to beat/try to enjoy winter somehow!

FullSizeRender (17)

Have I mentioned that Christmas does not help my ball obsession? Confused? Heres an explanation on my ball obsession…

5) This starter at Heartland. My Rainbow Trout love continues….If I could just eat about 5 more of these…

FullSizeRender (13)

Happy Weekend! What are your Friday Favs?


Cooking Away

Lets call today bucket list Monday. On my bucket list: take more cooking classes.

Last week mom and I did just that.

photo (2)

We went to Cooks of Crocus Hill in St Paul. Our chef was funny, informative and all around a good time. We took the Cajun cooking class and in total there were only eight students. I was beyond excited for our Cajun meal. While I don’t remember the years we lived in Louisiana, I’m told its where I developed my love of seafood.

The class size was intimate and allowed for a full hands on experience. Mom and I were assigned to the red beans and rice and the dessert.

photo (4)

I tried my hardest to eat every single thing.

photo (6)

photo (3)

photo (5)


photo (7)

photo (8)

After this I was ready to roll myself out and onto my couch. Have I mentioned that that was the best salad I’ve ever had?

Have you ever been to Cooks of Crocus Hill? Have you taken a cooking class?

Oui, Brunch!

 And its back to the food posts, I’m sure there were a few sighs of relief 🙂

How about “A little piece of Paris in downtown St. Paul”?

We recently checked out Meritage for brunch. Having been to Paris once or twice, I felt a familiarity with the ambience and service. There was a classic feel from the moment you walked in.

Typical me, I had to test out the Bloody Mary.

photo (207)

Conclusion: This is the best I have had since moving back, takes the top spot hands down. I guess I will be driving to St. Paul more often!

And like usual, I am seduced by the oyster offerings.

photo (204)

My first Island Creeks. AND I will be ordering these again. And again. And again.

photo (206)

photo (205)

Brunch had to be topped off with a bite of dessert.

I will be back. You should definitely check out Meritage.

Big plans for the weekend?

Just Cheeky

Walking around the Selby, Dale, Summit Ave area brings back a few memories…

Not all that pleasant…

The fear of the cold calling…. what if I didn’t know the answer?

The typical stuffy law professor glaring down.. the stressed out, red eyed, student crying over exams…

The constant question, “Why did I go to law school again?”

When it all started to build up… a friend or family member would usher me out of the blackness and out for a stress relieving meal.

I recently returned to one of those comforting spots; Cheeky Monkey Deli. Based on the name alone you have to walk in.

photo (188)

Deli by day…

Steak heaven by night. Seriously I would put this up against the best in the Twin Cities.

photo (189)

Go ccheck out Cheeky, nothing will disappoint!

Happy Weekend!