The Greenie

As Spring creeps in, the weekend days get longer.. and so does my appetite for adventure.

To explore and hop into places I’ve never been.

Northeast Minneapolis is full of such places.

Despite living so close to many of my “undiscovereds”only when the snow begins to melt do I get this re-energized need to discover.

Discover I did last weekend.

A group of us finally made to a legendary dive bar.

A dive bar known for its kool-aid-ish, make you crazy type of a drink. (Note I did not get crazy, merely craved some post drink late night scallops. Normal, right?)

I do not even want to know what is it in.  But post drink, that frozen pizza served all over the bar was smelling mighty delicious.  Like I was seriously tempted to grab a slice of that processed peperoni off of my neighbor’s (read stranger’s) pie.

The bar was hopping at like 5pm and the people watching was over the top.  The Greenies (and the Pinkies) were a flowing.

And I can finally say I’ve had the famous Greenie of Northeast at Tony Jaros River Garden.

 Nothing like a green drink to usher in my spring 🙂

 FullSizeRender (84)

Have you been?

Bringing Back The Weekend

photo (12)

Lately the law library is just a distant memory……

A memory being pushed away with wine tastings….

photo (14)

 Chased away with champagne….. and perhaps an indulgence in chocolate..

photo (16)

Yes that is a bacon chocolate bar! you too could Indulge here.

By sitting as close as you can get to an outdoor patio…..

photo (17)

By picking up a bunch of tulips and pretending spring showed up… (these were the last ones, so I wasn’t the only one attempting to fake spring)

photo (18)

How was your weekend? Can we bring it back already??


Grow those Onions

I am daydreaming of an urban garden.  One that sprouts up on my little patio. If spring ever arrives that is……

But I know zero about plants. Nada. I can’t even keep a basil plant alive. Fail. But still, I am bound and determined that this will be the year I successfully create that patio oasis, with flowers, veggies and Mr.Yucca tree. (my one straggling survivor from last year) Yes I call him that. HIM, I know he’s a male.

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve decided to take baby steps… you know, re-grow my own green onions. This may be my most ridiculous post to date, yet I don’t care. IT Worked!!!! Buy a handful at the grocery store, throw the unused root part in a cup of water.  Simple. Even I can follow those directions.

They grew, those suckers actually shot up and grew. Who knew?  Bursting with pride over here.

Its the little things… really.

Go grow those Onions, it might make you happy.

photo (1)

 What “little things” make you happy??