The Sauce and I..

A few weeks ago I hopped in my car.. off to meet a friend and explore a new to me place.

Lately I’ve been swept up on the “New Restaurant” hype. So many places are opening up around Minneapolis and they’ve created an entirely new must try list in my notes app..

So much so that I’ve neglected my long running must eats list..

Friend D brought me back to this wishlist when she suggested we meet at Chimborazo.

Have you been to this intriguing place off of Central in northeast Minneapolis?

It was my first intro to Ecuadorian cuisine… an introduction which will usher in many more dining adventures if Chimborazo has anything to do with it!

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The special called to me that night and while the name escapes me, it was a dish of scallops and shrimp topped with a creamy, spicy coconut sauce…..

FullSizeRender (144)

I could just take a spoon to that sauce…. just the sauce and I… alone in a room….hmmm.. OOOO you’re there. oops.

I mean.. enough about the sauce.

The sweet fried plantains on the side didn’t stand a chance either.

Seriously this place is amazing.  The flavors bring me back both to Asia and my (one) trip to Chile. There is such a complexity of flavors here.

If you do not go here… I’m sorry.

Thank you to D for bringing me to a place that has been on my must try list for far too long. I’ll try not to get inappropriate with my sauce explanations next time ūüėČ

Get the Scallops

A weekend back in my adopted city and I learned something new.

A new mantra… a new moto.

Get the scallops.

Why you ask?  Are they good?

Well, actually I’ve never had them…. But!

Rae is convinced, you must get the scallops everywhere you go.

¬†I’m going to intrepret, “Get the Scallops” as more of a try the new mantra.

Is it good? Should you do it?

Have you been there before?

Absolutely you should. How will you know if you never try?

As spring creeps in I suggest you try the new. Go get lost and explore.

So while this may be the mindset and blog intention for me for quite some time…

I suggest you…

Try the Scallops¬†already¬†ūüôā

FullSizeRender (81)

Also, if you are living in or visiting Milwaukee, GO TO ODD DUCK.


Meadow Please

Happy Friday! I could not be more happy for the weekend. A lovely spring cold has knocked me on my booty. Literally. I slept through Wednesday… hello first sick day.

With my energy levels at an all time low, I leave you with a bit of food porn. Ever been to French Meadow?

photo (226)

¬†Little scallop… a little olive..

photo (230)

Brussels anyone?

photo (227)

Shrimp and perfectly cooked grits….

photo (231)

Hello Trout.

Where will you be eating this weekend?

The Favs

I have been in this city long enough to have developed my favs.  The go to restaurants, the ones I stalk on facebook and twitter for menu updates.  If you knew how often I drool over some of these menus, you would hightail it out of this blogspace and never talk to me again.  Massive problem.

One of these places, especially has experienced my professed love through twitter.  Seriously, I could live in their kitchen.  Though as they responded, that might get quite hot.

Hello Odd Duck.

photo (105)

You make me want to spend every penny in your restaurant.¬† I could eat there every night. Every night.¬† This is one of those places where the¬†second you walk in, the smells and flavors bombard you.¬† In an amazing way.¬†¬†The “I’m going to be licking my clothing later” smell.¬† It is that good.

photo (106)

I dream of the bacon wrapped dates (please bring those back!) and the Koren tofu and the scallops and the charcuterie board… and that amazing almond cake desert I just demolished last time…

photo (107)

I profess my love for this place whenever someone will listen.¬† At work, during playtime, etc.¬† And those that go,¬†they get it.¬† And they¬†thank me for it.¬† You should go too ūüôā