The Doing and The Donut

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.

Saturday mornings are meant for exploring.

There is an Olive to walk and new to me places calling my name. With morning temps now at a range where Olive struggles to poop outside, (yes we are working on this issue), donuts are totally called for.

And I just used poop and donuts in the same sentence. If you can get past that sentence and keep reading, we can totally be friends 🙂

I have been hearing of this place since they recently opened.  Jen and I had to wake with the sunrise and scoot ourselves in line.

Hello Bogart’s Doughnut Co.

photo (311)

photo (312)

Though not on the agenda, a stop into a new to me coffee shop was necessary.

photo (313)

Sometimes the thrill is all in the exploration, the path, the idea, the doing.


Saturday at 5:55AM

And its Saturday at 5:55AM….

Olive, the Morkie who runs my household, has determined the day must begin. She runs the roost, so up we are for our morning walk. The sun is rising and not another soul has deemed this hour appropriate for waking.

Thanks Olive.. But actually, really, thank you. On Saturdays we can enjoy this. The birds are so loud they’re almost yelling, the temperature rising, and the morning dew soaking my feet. Olive gets to sniff each and every tree without competition. Let me tell you, she is not a fan of competition when she pees… Especially if you happen to be a golden retriever….. She’s been a city dog her whole life, this Queen Bee thing needs to stop. But at 5:55 AM on Saturday, she can rule this world.

And off we go, traipsing through Kenwood, Lowry Hill and Loring Park; passed only by the occasional runner. Olive, still Queen.

Though I struggle pulling back the duvet and forcing on semi appropriate clothing;This peaceful time with her as the city is slowly stirring…. one of the things I love most about her and Saturdays.

Saturdays are meant for exploring. Like new restaurants. D recently took me to Lucia’s, the perfect Saturday morning spot.

photo (244)

Lucia’s is a restaurant, wine bar and To Go side. Nothing was more perfect than strolling in and ordering from the deli counter. Breakfasts, salads, sandwiches and baked goods.. it was hard to decide.  D and split this chicken salad and a ham/gruyere crepe. Both delightful.

I will be back for many more Saturday mornings 🙂

Have you been to Lucia’s?

Sterotypical Loungin…

When the raindrops just wont stop…

And the rumors of snow are swirling…. yes snow in October…. (why did I move back again?)

Nothing beats a Saturday morning, spent like this:

photo (115)

Wrapped in the arms of my furball..

Knowing I had to drag myself out of this cuddle was awful…. off to help Brother move in the rain…

photo (116)

And my breath is officially taken away.

So brother, when can I move in?

Moving calls for pizza. No demands pizza.

photo (117)

You can sample this deliciousness at Pizzeria Lola. And yes I inevitably ate the entire thing, which meant I spent Yoga Sculpt in pure self hate…. why why… ugh my thighs… glutes.. everything is burning.

Due to said burning, I applauded myself for having chili cooking away early in the day. I mean who doesn’t cook chili on a rainy, borderline snow weekend. Everyone does, as there was only one brand of diced tomatoes left at the store. There was an all out traffic jam by the beans… and the cilantro was a down and dirty grab war.

I need to rethink my grocery store choices…

photo (118)

I like a meaty chili… if I wanted soup, I’d make soup. This is chili. Again I don’t measure, but here is an idea:

2 pounds of grass fed beef

1 pound spicy Italian Sausage

1 can black beans

1 large jar of unknown brand diced tomatoes

some cups of beef broth

diced yellow onion, diced green pepper

1 jalapeno, seeds included

cumin,salt, pepper, white pepper, chili powder, red pepper flakes and garlic to taste

To cap off my weekend, I FINALLY discovered that Greek yogurt tastes exactly like sour cream on chili. Perfect.

How was your weekend? Cook anything?