Its a Small World After All

And now the Disney theme song is stuck in my head. I was actually afraid of that ride as a kid.

Those moving doll things and the boat ride, the dark lighting….. Something about it was OOO so uncomfortable for me. I’m quite sure even as an adult that ride may creep me out.

However, much of that saying, “Its a small world after all” is so so true for me. Having had the most amazing childhood, in multiple countries and states, I run into people from my past lives in the strangest places, and often times in places so close to my current home.

Last week I had the chance to have dinner with three other wonderful local bloggers. Turns out, one of them, Deepta, and I share a very similar moving background. She and I even lived in Singapore at the exact same time! My heart aches for Singapore in the best way possible, for some of my first and or deepest memories are there. If I find a fellow former Singapore expat, there is sure to be a common bond 🙂

Allison, Jen, Deepta and I met at Cafe Ena. Sister restaurant to Rincon 38 and La Fresca. (See my visit to Rincon 38 here) I had the Lechon, the prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin, with a trio pepper risotto, black garlic sauce, and a roasted artichoke-pepper relish.

O. My. Delicious. This was hands down the best pork tenderloin I have had in a long long time. It was melt in your mouth, cooked to perfection. And that black garlic sauce! If I could just have a bowl of that and call it a soup!

Now my pictures did not really show up… but that just means you should go and try Cafe Ena for yourself!

photo (323)

You could not pick a better place to meet, eat, connect and discover how small of a world it really is sometimes.

Would you eat a sauce as a soup? No, just me? 🙂


Keep Them Coming: Tapas

And another weekend draws to a close. The older I get, the more precious my Sundays are. More often than not I’m scrambling to get in just one more activity.. like ice cream. Or enjoying a patio as the weather finally clears… or rediscovering Patina and deciding I somehow need new diffusers for ever room… oops 🙂

I have to admit I suffer a bit from the Monday blues…. and they seem to start on Sundays around 6pm… do you get these too?

Before the blues kick in too hard core.. how about a distraction?

My running list of need to try restaurants is one place shorter. I finally made it to Rincon 38. Another South Minneapolis Location I had yet to try, Tapas style and very European-esque in terms of space. We were shoulder to shoulder with our neighbors, but what better way to start conversations. The wine was a flowing and the love in the food quite apparent in our friendly neighbors 🙂

Our tapas just kept coming.

Patatas Bravas, Cannoli, Queso Frito, Ibiza, Mero …. and I cannot enough remember the rest. So many our table could not keep up.

So delicious! Have you been?

Have you tried a new Restaurant lately?


Rincon 3

Rincon 2