Memorial Weekend

This weekend started off with big changes.. and by that I mean the material changes that really really matter.

Hair Color.

I was talked into becoming a redhead…

photo (86)

Followed by the most adorable one year old’s birthday party.

Circus themed of course.

photo (87)

Every little detail was so perfect and adorable.  If you ever need a party planner/decorator, I’ll give you Friend’s number 🙂

Don’t worry, Friend provided some adult fun as well.

photo (88)

Celebrating one year of birth was followed by brunches, bloody marys (of course) and a bachelorette party.

And sometimes, the soul just needs a cool breeze, a city view, old friends and some Moscato. O and a dog who won’t stop eating the potted soil, out of the only plant you’ve been able to keep alive for over a year.  Thanks Olive.

photo (89)

And finally, thank you to those that serve, continue to serve and have served our country.