Pho me. Stat.

It was a snowy night…

A combination of the heat pump not working… slash in the midst of repairs…

A wanderlust filled heart…

An ache for vacations past…. And a craving for those little plastic chairs and tables we so delicately perched over… slurping our broth and noodles.. allowing drops to fling this way and that.

Not a care in the world for where those drops ended up.  Just a need to demolish this concoction. The salty, spicy and flagrant bowl of warmth.

I also had free beef soup bones in need of using…


Php Toppings

I LOOSELY based it off of this recipe:

I excluded what I did not have and let the broth simmer for over 9 hours…

Now it will never compare to those mornings in Hanoi we spent hunched over our bowls.. But this will do. This will more than do!

Pho 1

Pho 2

What is your favorite Pho recipe?

Cravings: Vietnamese Style

When it happens to be April and still 30 degrees….. When you’d love to wear that new Spring trench but cannot stand the still constant shivering… When you are wearing those pink polka dots, hoping to beg and bribe Spring in… Debating between open or closed toed shoes, it is still a good time for Pho.  Spicy, brothy noodly Pho.

Since moving here, I have not had any.  It was high time for Pho.


photo (62)

 On a reccomendation, we headed to Hue Restaurant and Lounge.

photo (63)

 With Pho you flavor and spice and as you wish; so I want go back and try a few of the other dishes.

photo (64)

Um is this not the biggest…………………Spring Roll ever?

Friend did not mind me shoving this in my mouth.  Actually we both struggled.  Not pretty.  But who cares?

photo (65)

Spring, are you here yet??

I’d go back.

For another..


Spring Roll.