Friday Favs #5

While it has been a while since my last post, ideas are perculating, exporing sessions have happened and spring has been ever so much the temptress. Between 70 degree days, then snow and hail, then 30 degree mornings, my outfits are confused and my bare legs have braved the snow.

I think what I just wrote means, there may be fewer posts here, as I’m out enjoying the pending Spring, exploring to my hearts content and attempting to figure out what I want to do for the next 6 months. Do I want to set new goals? Where do I want to travel to next?

As Spring slides into Summer, I plan to spend as much time outdoors and trying the new as possible. Don’t forget about this little space here, I will be popping in to connect and write away.

 To recap last couple of weeks, heres a list of my Friday Favs, linking up with KatieHeather and Clare!

1. The Shed Fitness.  This place has become like a second home. I have a healthy obsession with thier spin and bodypump classes. If you haven’t been, check them out!

2. This Octopus dish at Coup ‘d’etat.  No idea what else I ate there, because this was the stand out dish.

FullSizeRender (91)

3. Puppy love. I always considered myself a small dog person. I like the little bundle of fur that curls up in my perfect little nook by my side at night. I can handle the pulling of the leash by a 9 pound dog.  I’m petite and many dogs, when standing on their two feet, can be taller than me! Small dogs were always my style, what I grew up with.  However, there is something about a big dog, taking up the other side of the bed, keeping you warm because you refuse to turn the heat back on in April.  She is more than growing on me 🙂 She has stolen a peice of my heart. Sorry Olive 🙂

FullSizeRender (92)

FullSizeRender (94)

Actually, I think Olive is just fine with it!

4. This bottle of Rose. I had planned to not have wine this week. Bahahaha, right Christina.  But Monday got me. A flurry of work and everything else led me to Surdyk’s. I cannot remember his name, but he never steers me wrong on a bottle of wine. It was not too dry, not too sweet. Exactly how I described my hunt for the perfect Rose.  Have you tried this one?


Enjoy the weekend! Trying anthing new this weekend?

Saturday at 5:55AM

And its Saturday at 5:55AM….

Olive, the Morkie who runs my household, has determined the day must begin. She runs the roost, so up we are for our morning walk. The sun is rising and not another soul has deemed this hour appropriate for waking.

Thanks Olive.. But actually, really, thank you. On Saturdays we can enjoy this. The birds are so loud they’re almost yelling, the temperature rising, and the morning dew soaking my feet. Olive gets to sniff each and every tree without competition. Let me tell you, she is not a fan of competition when she pees… Especially if you happen to be a golden retriever….. She’s been a city dog her whole life, this Queen Bee thing needs to stop. But at 5:55 AM on Saturday, she can rule this world.

And off we go, traipsing through Kenwood, Lowry Hill and Loring Park; passed only by the occasional runner. Olive, still Queen.

Though I struggle pulling back the duvet and forcing on semi appropriate clothing;This peaceful time with her as the city is slowly stirring…. one of the things I love most about her and Saturdays.

Saturdays are meant for exploring. Like new restaurants. D recently took me to Lucia’s, the perfect Saturday morning spot.

photo (244)

Lucia’s is a restaurant, wine bar and To Go side. Nothing was more perfect than strolling in and ordering from the deli counter. Breakfasts, salads, sandwiches and baked goods.. it was hard to decide.  D and split this chicken salad and a ham/gruyere crepe. Both delightful.

I will be back for many more Saturday mornings 🙂

Have you been to Lucia’s?

Treat Yourself-P.B.S.

Treat yourself Tuesday again! If you are not familiar with Treat Yourself Tuesday, head over to Becky’s blog and discover what it is all about!

Today’s TYT is all about P. B. S.

Puppy Birthday Style

That’s right, little furball Olive turned the big 2 years old yesterday 🙂

The day I brought you home was truly my biggest treat. (until that first 3am wake up call…..kidding)

photo (120)

Watching you grow, play, destroy my yoga pants, chow down on my coffee table, and shower me with unconditional love every single day…. I cannot imagine a better treat.

So for your second birthday, here is your favorite treat…

photo (121)

I had to help you out with these…

Which led to the necessary…


photo (122)

I call that a successful treat. How have you treated yourself this week?

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