Cafe Tales

Finally concluding my NYC foodie adventures today. Took me awhile huh?

Well, I ate a lot, so inevitably…. it took some time to recap.

What is it about New York?

I just want to consume all the flavors at once..

If I could just reach out, hold them all together, and shove the flavor ball in my mouth, I’d be a pretty happy girl.

Um awkward. Sorry.


Good thing I do not live there, as obviously I have a problem.

One of the places I couldn’t help but unattractively, and as fast as possible, shove food into my mouth, was Union Square Café.

photo (161)

I demanded to go here after S blogged about it.

photo (162)

The pork belly appetizer is reason enough to be here.

photo (163)

Hello Simple. Cheesey. Pillows of flavor.

photo (164)

Have I ever mentioned how awkward I feel taking pictures at restaurants?

Especially this one?

It is almost a game, how fast and sneaky can I be with this iphone?

photo (165)

I’ve almost got it down to a science; where often my dining partners never notice my inner paparazzi.

Did you try a new restaurant over the weekend?

Good Morning Brooklyn

Once a year this city calls me.. it calls to many.

And every year I’m convinced I could live there.. the gospel music floating in through the open windows envelopes me. The energy seduces.. there’s this aching sadness when I leave.

Even the 5am street fight below my window does not deter me..

photo (142)

This trip was my first real Brooklyn experience. S or (FWMMR whom you can read more about here) recently moved to a changing Brooklyn neighborhood. Shops are opening, restaurants drawing in the crowds. My Brooklyn food filled adventures call for their own separate posts.. to come!

We wandered in and out of the city…

Window shopping… eating… people watching… more eating.

Like I gained 8 pounds eating.. cleanse needed.

photo (143)

S may have been over my picture taking and ooogling of her neighborhood streets 🙂

photo (147)

Of course, Brooklyn exploration would not be complete without a cheese shop stop at Wedge. I mean, you can take the girl out of the Midwest, but the cheese obsession never dies… Cheese, cured meats, jams and Sprecher soda; hi I’m moving next door.

photo (145)

While I’d give many things for new wardrobe to have come out of this trip, I’d say we had shopping success!

photo (148)

As a former sock hater, I now have an obsession with colorful socks..

photo (146)

More to come on this Brooklyn adventure!

Anyone else have a sock obsession?