My Happy Place

The boxes are mostly unpacked. The pictures leaning against the wall crying to be hung. The kitchen is somewhat organized, though I can’t remember where I put anything.

I keep going to the left for the trash, though the trash can is definitely under the sink.

We are getting to know our new place. And by we, I mean the roommate and I. Neither of us have had roommates in quite some time, however with all this space and the mutual desire to up our travel budgets, here we are 🙂

Despite my inability to navigate our kitchen, the kitchen is still my happy place. Where I go immediately after a rough day. Where I go to show my love for family and friends. Where I find my calm.

Lets just say I am enjoying my extra counter space! And a live in person to cook for again.

I played around with this recipe a bit, and treated us to a move in meal!

photo (321)


photo (322)

And because this meal was such a treat, I’m linking up with Becky.


Mushrooms, Beer and Flats: Pure Random

Random and somewhat in that order.

Mushrooms, beer and flats all fell into place to create the perfect weekend.

Have I lost it?


I happened to get myself a tad bit lost in my own neighborhood Friday.. but what else is one to do when there are constant showings of your unit? And you and the dog are banished from the premises?


Not a bad place to deal with being banished.

You can even search for wild mushrooms back here…

Kenwood Mushrooms

Like if you were into that kind of thing… seriously that thing was half the size of the dog… she was concerned.

Once dog is allowed back into said apartment, a little night patio action is in order.

You know… to recover after traipsing through wild mushroom fields… I mean the city.

Minneapolis Skyline

And then, there is no better way to recover from a patio and wine night than an early walk to the farmers market.

Minneapolis Cherry

Sometimes I forget this is my backyard…. or err front yard…. still to be determined 🙂

NE Brewery

And then the beer happened… at the brand new Bau Haus Brew Labs in NE Minneapolis. Check them out, your bag playing skills have to be better than mine!

And finally to end the mix, the flats….


My first foray into b. resale on Nicollet.

I was not disappointed, check them out too! Perhaps before you sample the new brews? Or maybe after, a little buzzed shopping never hurt anyone… except perhaps my VISA card…

A total mix of randomness but yet the perfect mix of treating myself… which is why I’m linking up with Becky over at Olives n Wine again 🙂 She’s a big believer in taking time for yourself at least once a week to treat yourself, and I am on board! Check out the ways others have treated themselves this week.