Kiosk Universal: Barcelona Must Eat

Our Barcelona trip was full of must eats. The Tapas, duh. Jamon and queso, yum yes like three times a day.

Seafood? Seafood was required.

Some of the best seafood we had was at Kiosk Universal.

You can find Kiosk Universal in La Boqueria. La Boqueria is, no bias at all here, one of the best markets in the world. It is said that here, you can find a paradise for the senses. I strongly agree as my foodie desires were more than fulfilled perusing the stalls. We purchased a variety of olives to take back to our airbnb and sniffed out different fruits to try. Cheese and meats will be yours in abundance should you sample and purchase to take home.

We headed to Kiosk Universal on a tip from friends.

Where else can you sit and ogle razor claims, mushrooms, shellfish and fish piled all up in your face?

I mean look at those! So fresh the stall to your left, right, other side, front, back etc. is selling the freshest catch.


Holy green sauce were said friends right. This place, its seafood and its green sauce are to die for. Order everything.

I was instructed to order everything, so I pass on the same sentiment to you.

tuna steak

Lick up that green sauce and enjoy!



Head to the back of the market. You’ll know it by the fact its packed. All the time. Elbow your way in and enjoy allll the delights.

Thank me later 🙂

Kiosk Menu

Greek Food for Weeks

How was your weekend? Was it as full of good food, laughter and family as mine?

When family surprises are in store, they come with lots of Greek food.

I mean, Obviously.

photo (91)

Surprises crave Greek food. Flaming cheese, baba ghannuj , mussels and wine; all required at the table.

photo (92)

The setting was a favorite due to Sister’s previous employment. Aristos treats us like family and never fails to end our meal with complimentary Tiramisu.

photo (93)

You never know what you may find waiting at the table……. a tour of Greece, or an out of town family member, Surprise!

photo (94)

Hello shrimp and feta..

photo (95)

And just like that, I’ve had enough Greek food for weeks!

Happy late birthday father.

How was your weekend? 🙂

Surprise, A Dinner Tour!

K said dress up and get ready for a night of fun. Can a girl hear anything better?

Our first surprise stop was at the new Bluejacket.

photo (43)

Bluejacket just opened; a small plates place, with a “Third Coast Feel.”

photo (44)

The mussels were spoon into my mouth, order extra bread good.

photo (45)

We were both considering whether or not we could just drink the remaining broth…… not weird at all.

With the first course a success, we were off to the main. A place I had yet to try, which in itself a foodie sin…

A place where the love and drive of the chef/owner is apparent in every detail.

photo (46)

I decided to embrace my inner carnivore again…

photo (47)

Ordered the strip while K went with the filet. However our cooking temps were accidently switched, so we swapped plates….Which was a heavenly decision.

(yet somehow I was still later sent crawling to my couch. What is wrong with me? I need to reseach this, can I just no longer digest red meat?)

Finally to cap off the evening… A nightcap at The Hamilton.

photo (48)

A great dinner tour K, thank you 🙂