I Cave for Brunch…

The other day, somehow.. somebody convinced me a 6:30 am workout on a Saturday was a good idea.  I was all signed up for a later morning class, but once the words brunch and waffles were used, I caved.

I guess my willlpower is nonexistant once the word brunch is uttered.

So for furture reference, when trying to get me to do something, say brunch. And if said brunch happens to be a new location, I’ll be even easier to convince.

So post early morning, its still dark out, I raised my hand when the trainer asked if anyone was still asleep, drag me into class workout, the brunch came. Off we were to the Linden Hills area for a new to me breakfast.

Hello Zumbro Cafe.

photo (318)

This was everything my muscles and rumbling stomach were screaming for. A simple, perfect, open faced steak breakfast sandwich.

photo (319)

And an almond latte to round it out.

Where is your favorite brunch spot?

Home is Where the Heart is

I type this, sitting on the floor, drinking wine from a beer mug. My lamps are gone, the couch cushions cleaned and leaning against the wall, and Pho delivery by my side.

Moving day is upon us!

I think I never really knew until now, how powerful the sense of home is. Perhaps this stems from having grown up in hotels for months at a time, or in 12 or more “homes”. Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with my multiple moves and I happen to love hotels. I just never really had that connection.

Until now.

A week of moving loads of stuff from the old to the new place, and it hits me. The sense of home is overwhelming. It is a sense of calm, of safety, of belonging.

This, compared to the insecure, hard to sleep, lack of compassion I have for my current apartment.

Even the dog can feel the difference. The door opens to the new place and in she bounds, prancing like the happy dog she is, exploring each room with her crooked smile. Even she has a new sense of calm compared to the old place.

To be true, the new place is not so new. It is the same unit I lived in three years ago. I feel I may have left my heart here, though I left for good reasons.

 I now want to put my stamp on this place, from the floors to the furniture I’ve rescued from an unknown dumpster fate. Home is where the heart is, and I plan to reclaim home here.

Where is home to you?

photo (9)

Moving Minneapolis

Its that time again for me… a time full of boxes, bubble wrap and one confused puppy.

We are not moving far, but into a place that does not come with its own peeping Tom…. long story. To a place where warm water is the norm and landlords are responsive. The last few days in this place cannot come soon enough.

 As excited as I am to move, moving also makes me reflective. O the many bottles of wine we’ve had, the serious discussions, the tears, the meals I’ve made, the puppy romance Olive had with little Napoleon across the hall, the many walks exploring the neighborhood.

This apartment was a step back. I went from a beautiful building, full of every upgrade, to not even a functioning communal washing machine. Sometimes steps back are needed. It reminds you to appreciate. To be thankful. I learned I am definitely not as grateful as I should be. I did my fair share of complaining when I should have been thankful.

My hope for this move is just that. Appreciate. Be thankful.

And once those boxes are all moved and unpacked, I plan to celebrate with this:

photo (315)

This pasta from Tilia…. heaven in my mouth.

Have you moved recently?

Sweet Corn

How was your weekend? Full of exploring I hope 🙂

Todays weather could not have been more perfect for exploring and enjoying Minneapolis, soaking up the remaining sunny days.

My weekend celebrating truly started on Thursday.

Thursday night dinner at a new place, with new friends.

The wonderful thing about this blog space; it brings different people into your life. It builds a community.

Megan and Nora from Two Birds, Jen from Apartment Wife, and I all got to cross another restaurant off the bucket list.

The Mill NE.

Hello yum.

photo (310)

I had the daily risotto with corn and cheery tomatoes. Let me tell you, the spice level was NOT Minnesota mild. Yes please!

photo (309)

Meg had the veggie burger, you’ll have to hop over here and ask her how it was!

We had a blast, got to know one another.. shared some personal details. Talked a lot about puppy pottie pads 🙂

Round two soon ladies?!


Hola Delish

Sometimes you need a slap in the face. From friends.

No, not literally. A verbal slap in the face. A, why are you doing that? B, do you even realize you do that?

An outside perspective is always needed. A pointer, a tip, a not so small suggestion.

Thank you friend 🙂

Now more food tips for you!

A few new places I’ve tried recently:

Lago Tacos.  I could eat 6 of these…

photo (299)

Hola Arepa.  Hello flavor and food porn.

photo (300)

photo (301)

photo (302)

Holy deliciousness you must eat here!

What have you noticed lately? Delivered any verbal slaps? 🙂

The Kenwood

Remember a time when you were let into a secret?

When details were exposed and you were in the know. When all comes together and you feel a part of the circle. And you wonder how you were in the dark for so long?

That’s how I feel about The Kenwood. Like I’ve been let into a secret, though its not really a secret…. more a beloved place by many.

I keep wondering how I was in the dark for so long.

All it took was an almost year in this neighborhood to get there…. and perhaps a quiet summer date.

On that date I fell in love.  With The Kenwood that is.

I mean, if a place can get me to try Sardines and like them…!?

photo (293)

photo (294)

photo (295)

photo (296)

photo (292)

photo (297)

photo (298)

Have you been yet?

Have I convinced you to go?

Patience is a Virtue Right?

There is always something to work on. And lately I find I struggle more with the virtue of having patience than anything else.

Why hasn’t this happened already? Why am I still waiting for that?

Why isn’t the timing right? Why am I still waiting for this?

Why does this feel like a step backwards rather than forward?

When the connection is there but the timing is not. When the job is there but the hours and environment  are not ideal.

Opportunities and people cross your path, but I believe truly that everything happens when it is suppose to happen. My patience level just needs to adjust to my belief system lately 🙂

One thing I do not have to wait for, is exploring Minneapolis on a beautiful Sunday.

With only a little over a month left in this neighborhood, Olive and I try to take a different walk path every day.

photo (291)

I am in love with every house we pass!


Mushrooms, Beer and Flats: Pure Random

Random and somewhat in that order.

Mushrooms, beer and flats all fell into place to create the perfect weekend.

Have I lost it?


I happened to get myself a tad bit lost in my own neighborhood Friday.. but what else is one to do when there are constant showings of your unit? And you and the dog are banished from the premises?


Not a bad place to deal with being banished.

You can even search for wild mushrooms back here…

Kenwood Mushrooms

Like if you were into that kind of thing… seriously that thing was half the size of the dog… she was concerned.

Once dog is allowed back into said apartment, a little night patio action is in order.

You know… to recover after traipsing through wild mushroom fields… I mean the city.

Minneapolis Skyline

And then, there is no better way to recover from a patio and wine night than an early walk to the farmers market.

Minneapolis Cherry

Sometimes I forget this is my backyard…. or err front yard…. still to be determined 🙂

NE Brewery

And then the beer happened… at the brand new Bau Haus Brew Labs in NE Minneapolis. Check them out, your bag playing skills have to be better than mine!

And finally to end the mix, the flats….


My first foray into b. resale on Nicollet.

I was not disappointed, check them out too! Perhaps before you sample the new brews? Or maybe after, a little buzzed shopping never hurt anyone… except perhaps my VISA card…

A total mix of randomness but yet the perfect mix of treating myself… which is why I’m linking up with Becky over at Olives n Wine again 🙂 She’s a big believer in taking time for yourself at least once a week to treat yourself, and I am on board! Check out the ways others have treated themselves this week.


Bat Sh*t Crazy Good

Its official. It doesn’t matter the time nor the place… nor the age of the man involved..

I have a sign on my forehead… a look about me… something that draws out the weirdest of the weird, the dumbest of the dumb…

The worst lines ever. Or statements. Or questions. It never fails and I don’t know just what it is. Perhaps I need a new perfume? A new hair color or style.

Cue Mr. 6’4 baby blues from last weekend. A seemingly normal conversation, an actual normal offer to buy a drink…

Yet inevitably here it comes… “Can I ask you a question?” Mr. 6’4 wonders. Though I can feel it coming I let him ask his question.

“You are beautiful and seem to have your life together, but you’re 28 and single, are you bat shit crazy?” asks Mr. 6’4….

And cue my exit.

You know what really is bat shit crazy? And I mean bat shit crazy good?

Cuban food. In Minneapolis.

Yes, in Minneapolis.

photo (245)

 Victor’s 1959 Café. Have you been?

photo (246)

Hello Bistec Encebollado. I ate the entire thing. In front of my work team. No shame.

The only time the phrase, Bat Shit Crazy, should be used, is to describe how good this food is.

What new restaurant have you checked out lately?

Brunch Haute Style

One of the things I miss dearly from the Brew City is its love affair with Brunch. I miss the crowded restaurants, filled with those recovering from the night before.  I miss the Bloody Mary competition, a city obssessed with the thing.  How many items could you pile on a stick, which by the way, came included with the drink…… Other cities take note.. hint hint..

It is truly an unmatched affair and a tradition I am desperately trying to maintain.  So much so, that I am considering developing my own Bloody Mary mix…. who’s coming over? 🙂

On my quest to relive my glory brunching days of Brew City, I stumbled into a pleasant surprise. A restaurant I had yet to try; one that truly lived up to my brunch expectations.

Cue Haute Dish.  A mecca of twists on Midwestern cuisine.

Up first, the obligatory Bloody test….

photo (167)

AND Finally, a bloody in Minneapolis I’d come back for.

The House Bloody Mary is a must; spice and garlic, much needed on 10 degree days.

The brunch menu is divided into “Things to Nibble on”, “Sharing is Caring”, and ” Your Favorite Plates”.

photo (168)

How could I not nibble on truffled potato chips and French onion dip. I barely kept myself in check with these…

We then skipped to the Favorite Plate section…

photo (169)

Sweet potato hash, beef brisket, avocado. Order the Ropa Vieja. Pronto.

photo (170)

And the Brunch Burger topped with an egg and bacon jam.

Bacon Jam, the password to my heart. Don’t send flowers, send Bacon Jam.

Did you try anywhere new this weekend? How does your city rank for Brunch?