Old Favorites

When friends are off to green pastures in far away states, a proper send off is necessary. A trip to old favorites to start the journey.

Old favorites like Lotus.

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(This bowl of broth, noodles and spice brings back so many Vietnam memories :))

Speaking of old favorites, here are a few of my old favorite posts!

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Happy Almost Weekend 🙂

Get the Scallops

A weekend back in my adopted city and I learned something new.

A new mantra… a new moto.

Get the scallops.

Why you ask?  Are they good?

Well, actually I’ve never had them…. But!

Rae is convinced, you must get the scallops everywhere you go.

 I’m going to intrepret, “Get the Scallops” as more of a try the new mantra.

Is it good? Should you do it?

Have you been there before?

Absolutely you should. How will you know if you never try?

As spring creeps in I suggest you try the new. Go get lost and explore.

So while this may be the mindset and blog intention for me for quite some time…

I suggest you…

Try the Scallops already 🙂

FullSizeRender (81)

Also, if you are living in or visiting Milwaukee, GO TO ODD DUCK.


Just Tindering Away….

You know that app, the one everyone says is a hook up app?

Yeah that one. The one I swore I wouldn’t dare go near..

Yep. Tinder.

Well a friend of mine downloaded it to my phone. Purely so I could say, “hey a friend downloaded it, not me!”

I’ve seen beyond the strangest things on there.

Like the rebirth of the “flavor savor”, a man in his wedding photo, the ever present fish holder, bathroom shots with urinal props, the office cube picture, a man and his clearly visible wedding ring, a plethora of pilots, and of course, a dude holding a fox.

Because foxes turn women on???

Despite the fox holders theres a glimmer of hope, and a match seems normal. So you go. And he shows up sweating profusely post bike ride.

With or without the sweat you would have never recognized him. You’re still unsure if it was the same person…. his photos must have been 12 years old…

And then, here it comes: he discloses the tests he puts women through. First he orders chicken wings, as he wants his date to eat them, yet eat them “appropriately”. Second he tells such an inappropriate joke, one that no one in their right mind should laugh at, as he needs to judge the women’s moral foundation. Finally, his third test, he would not divulge, as perhaps he had “already put me through it.”

So with that, app deleted.

Nothing like an app deletion and a trip to Milwaukee to ease the strangeness.

G spoils me every time I’m in town. Homemade Bolognese, be still my heart.

photo (303)

Followed by a dinner the next night at my ultimate fav, Odd Duck

photo (305)

photo (304)

A night out with friends, enough to erase away any memory of that encounter.

photo (306)

Have you ever tried that crazy app?

Milwaukee on a Cleanse

Happy Tuesday! Linking up with Becky for another round of Treat Yourself Tuesday.

If you are new to this one; it is all about doing something for yourself, once a week, that makes you happy 🙂

I think a road trip to Milwaukee to see old friends is the perfect treat.

Let me tell you though; road trips on a cleanse are rough! Especially when you are in the city of Brunch….

So brunch must change and involve a trip to my favorite grocery store.

photo (213)

Metro I’ve missed you.

photo (214)

Milwaukee on a cleanse also looks like dinner in. With homemade organic cocktail sauce. Cue wasabi horseradish.

photo (217)

Because I had to visit to the Public Market.

photo (216)

Who could pass up the chance to experience men dancing in full penguin zip up costumes?

photo (215)

And finally, I treated myself by stocking up on a favorite for post cleanse 🙂

photo (218)

Head over and check out some of the ways the others have treated themselves this week.


 A little piece of Milwaukee landed in Minneapolis over the weekend….

So of course I had all the brunch essentials waiting…. A little brie, fruit, an entire package of bacon, fresh flowers, and a cheese magazine.

Fresh flowers are a necessary component of hosting weekend guests.  Fresh flowers are also a necessary pick me up when the condo you rented three weeks ago goes on the market. With the way the condo market is going, I may be the only person ever who moves 4 times in 4 months…..

But I digress…

photo (107)

An entire package of bacon is necessary, because its bacon. That time I gave up meat, I still craved the bacon. Nothing else, only bacon.

 Enough said.

photo (108)

A little trip to Saks off 5th is also necessary. If you really need an explanation…..

photo (109)

Hi G 🙂

One must try on over-sized fur hats…. Especially when the silver fox suggests it… (confession: I like a little silver fox…..)

Where do the single ones go out? Note to self: find silver fox bar…

photo (110)

And French Fries. Who says no to French Fries?

G and I explored this city, more of our weekend to come.

What did you do over the weekend?

Does anyone else buy themselves fresh flowers?

I’ll Be Seeing You Soon

Well Milwaukee;

For almost two years you have been home.  From the day I arrived and wondered what in the F did I just get myself into? When the boxes were unpacked and it was just me, my unfamiliar view and that bottle of wine.

You have pushed me into new adventures.  Driven my inspiration for exploration.  Brought into my life the love of my life, little fur baby Olive.  (even if she does require butt hair cuts..)

Introduced me to the miracle of the Bloody Mary!

As well as introducing many wonderful people into my life.

You have reminded me to stop, look around and take it all in.

You brought a job opportunity, where I somehow ended up in a small charter plane, an adult toy factory warehouse, business lunch meetings at gas stations and other bizzare happenings….. All in the life of a non-profit employee!

When life does not go the exact way you planned, when that curveball shows up, take it. You may be jumping into a pit of complete unknown, but it is beyond worth it.

So Milwaukee, it is not farewell but instead, see you soon.  Time for the next adventure.

Minneapolis, I hope you are ready for round two 🙂