Saturday at 5:55AM

And its Saturday at 5:55AM….

Olive, the Morkie who runs my household, has determined the day must begin. She runs the roost, so up we are for our morning walk. The sun is rising and not another soul has deemed this hour appropriate for waking.

Thanks Olive.. But actually, really, thank you. On Saturdays we can enjoy this. The birds are so loud they’re almost yelling, the temperature rising, and the morning dew soaking my feet. Olive gets to sniff each and every tree without competition. Let me tell you, she is not a fan of competition when she pees… Especially if you happen to be a golden retriever….. She’s been a city dog her whole life, this Queen Bee thing needs to stop. But at 5:55 AM on Saturday, she can rule this world.

And off we go, traipsing through Kenwood, Lowry Hill and Loring Park; passed only by the occasional runner. Olive, still Queen.

Though I struggle pulling back the duvet and forcing on semi appropriate clothing;This peaceful time with her as the city is slowly stirring…. one of the things I love most about her and Saturdays.

Saturdays are meant for exploring. Like new restaurants. D recently took me to Lucia’s, the perfect Saturday morning spot.

photo (244)

Lucia’s is a restaurant, wine bar and To Go side. Nothing was more perfect than strolling in and ordering from the deli counter. Breakfasts, salads, sandwiches and baked goods.. it was hard to decide.  D and split this chicken salad and a ham/gruyere crepe. Both delightful.

I will be back for many more Saturday mornings 🙂

Have you been to Lucia’s?

On Foot- Treat Yourself

Trying something new today, a link up with one of my favorite bloggers. I am a big fan of her blog, Olives n Wine. How could I not be, when just the name combines two of my favorite things… My puppy’s name and my favorite beverage, come on, it was meant to be!

Its a great message, a reminder to take some time for you. Whether you devote your time to your family, significant other, work, volunteering or even your pets, do not forget to do something for you. If you neglect yourself, how can you give 100% to anybody else?

So for my first Treat Yourself Tuesday, I’m getting back to the foundation of this blog space. My commitment to explore! Moving back home has re-introduced me to this city. And there is no better way to explore than by foot! How about a 45 minute walk; my  new neighborhood to the North Loop neighborhood. Post yoga, mind you, my legs are still thanking me.

I blissfully strolled through a park I somehow previously ignored..

photo (82)

And then, for the rest of the afternoon, took in the view as we toured condo after condo.

photo (83)

Sometimes, this is just what the soul needs.

How do you treat yourself?