They Call it Frozen Custard..

There is a running joke around these parts, that a certain fast food chain, is the place to be on Friday night.  The place to be for custard, burgers and fish fry.

This running joke, I’d say is bordering more on reality than a joke.  I have driven past on a Friday night and have seen the lines for myself.

Since burgers and custard are like a local legend around these parts, I am obligated to explore and continue sampling 🙂

With a recent office move, we are even closer to one of these legends..


So finally, on a day when an office food coma was appropriate, we went.

Tadaa! I made it.

photo (84)

And then I proceeded to eat a burger the size of my head.  Served by a man in a paper hat.

I would go back for the custard, it was delish! People even stalk thier website for daily flavors… You could too 🙂

Where is your favorite frozen custard place?

photo (83)