Up the Funk.

While I am a steadfast non-rule breaker… I sometimes fall into the old adage of “some rules are meant to be broken.”

However that typically only applies to food. Food rules. Is there such a thing? I mean I’ve never gone to culinary school. I’m not trained and my techniques in the kitchen are… not chef like.. but I eat.

I know when food tastes the way it should.. I know when food is mediocre.

How? Because I eat a lot and wide varieties of foods. So I’m not sure if there really are food rules, but I do know when classics are taken for a spin. When things get funky and the ante goes up.

Which you can absolutely find at Nighthawks.

FullSizeRender (136)

Like bacon. Scallion. Kimchi pancakes.  HUGE chunks of bacon.

FullSizeRender (137)

I’d say the rules or the funk have been turned up in this case.

And foot long wieners come rolling out, piled with a mass of ingredients. We pretty much ordered this out of fascination. But it had to be ordered.

FullSizeRender (139)

AND the chicken. My first nibble into the fried chicken wars of 2015…

FullSizeRender (138)

Delish. Crispy on the outside, not drippy greasy and juicy on the inside. The flavor, the spice, so on point. We tried the Kingfield spice.

My only disappointment? Not ordering the burger.  I sat at the counter and watched dozens of these prepared in front of me. They called to me, each and every one of them.

FullSizeRender (135)

Hey lonely little burger……

Next time.

Yes….. next time.

Have you been?

Cravings: WSK

Alright, I have a dirty secret. I am addicted to taking pictures of my food. Full on, need therapy, cannot stop myself problem. And I’m no photographer…. just….cannot….. stop.

like even during a work lunch problem….

Slyly reaching for that iPhone…. act like I’m checking my email… you know.. all Stealth like.

However can you blame me? It was my first time at World Street Kitchen and we all know what happens when I’m eating something for the first time.

Documentation people!

photo (125)

I was beyond excited to check this place out, as my love for street food knows no bounds. Especially when the cuisine is inspired from around the world. I completely built this place up in my mind.  Any disappointment was going to hurt, big time.

photo (126)

I went with the Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs Lettuce Wraps, accompanied by Kimchi. Now I’ve been spoiled with handed down Korean BBQ and Kimchi recipies, but hello delicious.  The flavors hit every note I was expecting.

Really, get up close and personal with this BBQ:

photo (127)

I will be craving this again soon. And when I do, I’m sure I’ll still be dealing with this picture taking addiction of mine.

Are you trying anywhere new this weekend?