Lately: Cabin Fever

When the thermostat says 90….. but even the dog is in layers.. time to finally break out the space heater… when after 9 inches of snow the building FINALLY plows your parking lot… in the middle of what, like the 4th polar vortex.

Which by the way, since when do we have polar vortexes?

My cabin fever is about at its max..

Life lately looks like:

photo (208)

Homemade bruschetta…. chopped tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper.

photo (209)

A little homemade Indian style butter chicken over lentils. Similar recipes abound on Pinterest, I combined a few 🙂

photo (210)

And Butternut Squash, Kale and Gruyere Barley Risotto from Joanne’s blog, the recipe here. I peruse her blog on the daily and leave too many comments about my carbs habits 🙂

photo (211)

And Mom’s homemade gyoza…. yum yum.

Whats going on in your kitchen lately?

Cabin fever anyone?

Ode to the Squash

Tis the squash season right? I see squash recipes everywhere, Pinterest, Blogs, Instagram; the squash praises are being sung.

When G was in town she treated me to a little squash dish, one I just had to recreate.

However I admit, I bought a different type of squash. It was in the carton labeled squash, I just grabbed…. and this one took like an hour in the oven…

And I know I did not follow her recipe, as my mind has been inundated with squash!

photo (123)

Cutting these suckers in half leads to grabbing my largest, sharpest knife; stabbing the middle and inevitably pounding them onto the counter…

Which I’m sure the new neighbors loved.. the ugly new counter just fell victim to my squash technique… sorry new landlord, not sorry.

Spooning out what I lovingly refer to as the GUTS is the worst part…. that texture… reminds me why I was never a big pumpkin fan.

I know, I just admitted to the worst fall sin; I don’t get pumpkins. (cue Halloween Shriek)

For the most simple squash dish ever:

Brown Italian Sausage, then sauté in some kale and a few cloves of garlic.

Where the GUTS once lived, spoon in the sausage/kale mixture and top with shredded Jarlsberg cheese and bread crumbs.


photo (124)

Now go enjoy some squash!

What is on your menu this week?