Ginormous Buns

Cue weekend visual stimulation….

photo (180)photo (181)

 photo (183)


If that is not a ginormous bun, I’m not sure what is.  As advertised, it was the size of my head.

 This post is long over due (very long), a stop on my brunch train. You know, my art of “brunching”… The addiction I have to this weekend meal. The fuel for exploring places I’ve somehow never been.

For real, how had I never before eaten at Ike’s? 3 previous years in this city and not one brunch stop here. Bad foodie, bad!


THAT Bloody Mary is what I am talking about. Meal on a stick. INCLUDED. Enough said.


Any burger that comes wrapped in paper instantly ups my expectation. This one did not disappoint.

Head to Ike’s Food and Cocktails and you will see what I mean. (

(any wordpress gurus know why my links refuse to work? Exactly why I never update….)