Lost in an Irish Field….

One of my biggest joys in life is to explore the new.

To try new things. To say why not.

To get lost in a new to me city.

Like that one time, outside of Dublin, Ireland. We hopped on a train, on a whim and recommendation from a taxi driver. And all of a sudden, found ourselves lost in an Irish field and traipsing through a breathtaking ruin of a castle.

But for taking that taxi, the magically Irish castle would have never happened.

Our picturesque lunch by the water and afternoon Guinness would have remained a dream. A wish, even possibly a regret.

While I am no longer traipsing through the rolling greens and damp cold of that field, I still apply the same why not attitude to life. Try the new.  Explore. Meet new people.

So when Jen, over at Apartment Wife, reached out to meet, I was ecstatic. Her writing and creativity is inspiring to me. Head here to see what I’m talking about 🙂

New friends must check out a new restaurant, right?

We decided Libertine, the newly replaced Cafeteria, was a must.

photo (288)

photo (289)

photo (290)

The smoked salmon was my favorite.

Heres to many more meetings, new places and new friends.

Happy Weekend! What are your plans?

Happy 4th!

Happy holiday and long weekend (for some)!! Today is the end of the week for me and I plan on celebrating appropriately; no description necessary 🙂  A mix of events are in store!  Also on the agenda; some reflection.  This type of holiday calls for it, no?

My reflection centers around the phrase, “‘ask and you shall receive.” (and no i’m not talking about that Oprah book club book) Pshhh I didn’t read that…… maybe I did….??

  Granted there is quite a bit of hard work and sweat equity behind that phrase for me. But I will be reflecting on how funny it is, that every single piece can fall into place at just the right time.  The right time for you.

photo (37)

Enjoy your holiday with family and or friends.