Pickle Please.

Happy Friday Y’all!

(Y’all is the last remnant of my Austin Trip a couple weeks ago….)

I’m in Milwaukee to celebrate my fourth Bachelorette lady since May… off to drink champagne, dance around and share delicious food and memories with some wonderful ladies.

To kick off the weekend festivities, how about some funny facts about me you may not know and a contest!?

1. I have many nicknames. Tina, Xtina… Peanut… “my little pigpen”… and¬†Chris (though you must gain my permission to call me Chris).

2. I took multiple years of Tae Kwon Do and actually competed in the Junior Olympics twice. Who knew?! ūüėČ My championship photo actually hung in our first post college house… Eat your heart out…


3. I must avoid the throw pillow section at Target or HomeGoods, as I will leave with an entire new set of throw pillows every time.

4. I¬†totally dance around my bathroom as I’m getting ready¬†or about to hop in the shower.

5. I used the same tennis shoes from high school until I was 28 years old…. yes I know. I’m a phenomenon.

6. Pickles and I are in love. Did you know I’m a¬†pickle person? Put a few in my fridge and they won’t last long. Snack away I will. Which is perfect for National Pickle¬†Day tomorrow!

Oh Snap! Pickling Co. wants to celebrate National Pickle Day by giving lucky pickle fans a chance to win $100 and free Oh Snap! pickles.

Um yes please!

To participate:
  1. Like Oh Snap! pickles on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Oh-Snap-Pickles-1451071898529397/?fref=ts
  2. Find the hidden Oh Snap! Pickle on the contest page http://ohsnappickles.com/pickle-day/
  3. Enter your name, email, and location of the Oh Snap! pickle for the chance to win $100 and free product samples.

$100 and free pickles wohoo!

Good luck and Happy Friday Y’all!

Nothing Says Friday Like….

Nothing says Friday like a little vino and homemade Chinese food. Like REAL Chinese food.  Like Phd friend from Beijing cooking for you from scratch. O and she makes it as healthy and diabetic friendly as possible, (for a certain family member.)

photo (54)

Platters of meat, veggies, dumplings, seafood; we had it all.

We also had¬†a couple of¬†special guests over, both of whom requested a guest appearance…..

So I guess I can accommodate this request..

photo (55)

Welcome to the feast ladies ūüôā

How was your weekend?

The Unplanned Night

Friday started out as any other unplanned night.¬† With¬†zero desire to venture out.¬†¬†With the couch and the Food Network sounding like perfection, because you know,¬†a four day week is rough.¬† My only¬†plans consisted of¬†a meeting for the blog, heating up leftovers and a cuddle with the puppy… And then all of a sudden, friend suggests a martini..

A Martini of all things. You hastily hop in the shower, because you know, you are still in your gym clothes.  You stand in your closet, momentarily unable to put an outfit together, for the weather of course does not cooperate with unplanned nights..

 And before I realize it, I am at a bar whose ceiling looks like this:

photo (30)

Yes I was the weirdo taking a picture of the ceiling in the bar… However based on the other photos in my phone, I wasn’t the only weirdo….

On unplanned nights you discover new places, see familiar ones in a new light, Friends hop out of bed to meet you and appear in a chic little black dress in under 20 minutes…

And then you find yourself devouring Chili at 2am… (I’ve previously written about this Chili Here)

photo (31)

Did you have any unplanned nights over the weekend?

Cravings: Cuban Style

Friday night and its time for Cuban.¬† After last Friday’s meh so-so fish fry, Friend and I needed a meal redemption.¬† Something delicious, warm and 100% better than that fish. ugh.

When I think of this city, Cuban is the last thing that comes to mind, but strangely enough, Friend and I had the same Friday night craving.  So off to Cubanitas we went.

Cuban food for me conjures up a fusion of flavors and transports me to some hole in the wall place in Florida; where the music is flowing and the patrons are laughing, dancing and feasting.

photo (44)

Well Friday night, I think we left the Midwest behind for a couple hours.  You walk in and are greeted with pumping music, warmth and loud conversations.  Probably fueled by the scrumptious mojitos! Hello Mojito Month! The place was packed and we snagged the last open two top by the windows.  A table by the windows gave us a great view of those who also forgot they were in the Midwest for the moment. (Those who think 35 degrees is spring.  You know tank top and shorts weather?  I counted at least three women in shorts, not even sporting a winter coat.)

You know a place is good, when not only is it packed, but you run into multiple Friends who apparently had the same Friday night craving.

photo (45)

Even the walls seem to exude warmth, and the family portrait style feels comforting.

photo (46)

We split the shrimp in garlic sauce with yellow rice.

photo (47)

Fried Plantains.  Creamy sweet perfection.

photo (48)

Cuban style guacamole with crispy plantain chips. Hmm salty goodness.  We will be back.

Where is your favorite Cuban restaurant?

Cubanitas on Urbanspoon