Treat Yourself-P.B.S.

Treat yourself Tuesday again! If you are not familiar with Treat Yourself Tuesday, head over to Becky’s blog and discover what it is all about!

Today’s TYT is all about P. B. S.

Puppy Birthday Style

That’s right, little furball Olive turned the big 2 years old yesterday ūüôā

The day I brought you home was truly my biggest treat. (until that first 3am wake up call…..kidding)

photo (120)

Watching you grow, play, destroy my yoga pants, chow down on my coffee table, and shower me with unconditional love every single day…. I cannot imagine a better treat.

So for your second birthday, here is your favorite treat…

photo (121)

I had to help you out with these…

Which led to the necessary…


photo (122)

I call that a successful treat. How have you treated yourself this week?

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Toilet Art? Fries and Cocktails

How was your weekend?(Yes I know its Tuesday)¬†Full of food, drinks or maybe a few blurry moments? Perhaps you participated in the Twin Cities Marathon? If so, congrats! I walked by you with my yoga mat and felt somewhat like a motivated individual….

Welcome to another addition of Treat Yourself Tuesday, Becky’s great idea! What are some of the ways you found to treat yourself this week? Maybe the above were some of your indulgences?

My treat this week was a combo of art, food and drinks.  A trip to the Walker Art Center was called for. Its been years since my last visit, so I was due!

Now everyone’s taste in art differs. And I understand I have limited taste/zero knowledge in the art department…

Come on, my personal artwork is still leaning against my new apartment walls, awaiting an able bodied hammer buddy…

While I do love some modern art, I do not and will not understand the Toilet Art.

I’m pretty ignorant….¬†I am just a curious observer..

of¬†the Toilet….

I did a lot of staring, pondering and chin holding… but it just did not speak to me…

But that is the beauty of art right? So many different kinds and a type to speak to everyone.

Go and check it out, then you will know what I mean…. posting a picture is just not appropriate… It may speak to you!

Post toilet adventure called for craft cocktails at Café Maude..

photo (101)

And a treating myself/ignoring my art ignorance through French Fries at Republic

photo (102)

How was your weekend? Head over to and check out the ways others have treated themselves this week!