Dutch Boy Burger

Happy Monday! How about starting this short week off with a little food porn? Yeah I said it. The P word…

Our traipsing through Brooklyn could not be complete without a good burger. And I mean a throw back to the diner, black and white checkered floors, no pretense burgers.

photo (154)

Enter Dutch Boy Burger on Franklin Avenue, Crown Heights.

I had to go with the classic, and of course add the thick cut bacon. Perfect on a rainy New York day, when your feet are tired and your stomach rumbling….. even though it shouldn’t be, as you demolished an extra large Cajun meal the night before…

photo (155)

Again, enter comment, not sure I can fit this in my mouth….

I know, I know, TWSS…… theme of our foodie weekend I guess.

But really, look at this guy.

photo (156)

Am I further proving why I needed a veggie cleanse after this trip? Really check out Dutch Boy Burger, the milkshakes are also divine.

Try any place new this weekend?