Forgetting Nirvana…

On Mondays the boyfriend gives me a ride to the office.

It is a tradition he has started perhaps to ease me into the week. Or,  perhaps its a tradition he has started because of the new breakfast place he discovered after dropping me off…. perhaps this eases HIM into the week.. (wink wink)

Either way, I like this new tradition.  It was during this ride that he decided a new Pandora station was necessary as well.  Nirvana for your 7am tunes?

After the first song, we looked at each other and said, “Man, I forgot how good Nirvana was.” Yes… I use “Man.”

Nirvana wasn’t the only thing I’ve forgotten as of late..

Namely I have forgotten how good the dinner party was, excuse me, is. How good the dinner party is.  The last time I had friends over for a dinner party? Well.. its been months.

The last time I had dinner with strangers? Well never, until this past Monday.

What you ask? Have you heard of 320 Northeast?

IMG_4980 (1)

The “private supper” club you’ve never heard of? Or have only heard whisperings of? Whisperings of a local couple, a local chef and downright local ingredients? From the back door alley entrance, to the grain elevator ride, to the warm greeting by Megan and welcoming cocktail.. to the strangers who are no longer strangers at the end… the food, cider pairings and conversation make this an enchanting, and as they say, “deeply satisfying” experience.


You feel as if you are privy to the blossoming, creative and hidden world of Minneapolis food.  As though you’ve stumbled in but were also offered a golden ticket. A personal foray into a local couple’s dream.  A dream that mimics aspects of perhaps your own dreams and or creative pinnings. A reminder not to give up on your own stupid stupid dreams.  (please see bathroom sign at 320 Northeast for previous sentence’s relevance.)

IMG_4978 (1)

I was so enthralled that I did not study each ingredient nor keep notes, I was too busy holding myself back from licking the plate… so my descriptions below may be a bit off..

The first course of smoked trout, duck egg aioli with pickled beets, carrots and others. ( I may not have licked the plate however I did scrape almost every inch of that aioli into my mouth with the remaining cracker crumbs….)

IMG_4975 (1)

Next was the pork belly, greens and the most delicious grits, all topped off with an egg.

IMG_4973 (1)

 The third course; lamb perfection on top of carrots and potatoes.


Dessert was currant jam with granola and whipped cream. (Not pictured)

320 Northeast has brought back the dinner party for me and made it unforgettable. 320 Northeast has also rekindled my creative side. Creative quest perhaps. For both the dinner party and the quest, I am grateful.  Sign up for the emails and get yourself to the private supper club stat. Beware, within minutes, the openings are filled. Don’t hesitate to reserve that spot 🙂

(PS the whole Nirvana thing.. well that was a request from the BF, so whether it worked or not as a segway… you can blame him 🙂


Friends who Cook and Pour the Wine

Friends who cook are the best kind of friends.  Friends who cook and invite you over to partake are even better.

The dinner party these days makes a rare appearance. For my circle, it is mainly the restaurant that brings us all together.

I distinctly remember the dinner party making a strong impression upon my childhood. Watching my mother prepare the dishes… assisting by organizing the appetizers… often times serving up the drinks behind the bar, I mean look at that cute 8 year old tending bar! What a dinner party novelty…

Thinking to myself, when I grow up, I want to be a food designer….

Wonder where that dream went and why it was replaced with such an analytical path..

I digress..

Friends who host the dinner party, cook and pour the wine are a favorite of mine…

photo (104)

These are the type that amaze, that are willing to make a single serving, minus the mushrooms; just for you!

photo (103)

The type that pours the wine for everyone else.

The type that puts in the time and caters to their partner’s Bffs…

Any time you wanna cook for me, I’m there.

Especially when you are making my fav, Risotto. I’ve totally professed my love for the dish here and here.

And what dinner party is complete without a juicing demonstration?

photo (105)

I may still not be the biggest beet fan, but hey, I tried it !
A big thank you for the meal and for opening up your home for a weekday dinner party 🙂

And check out the new adventure of Friend’s girlfriend and my friend Kbail.