Just Cheeky

Walking around the Selby, Dale, Summit Ave area brings back a few memories…

Not all that pleasant…

The fear of the cold calling…. what if I didn’t know the answer?

The typical stuffy law professor glaring down.. the stressed out, red eyed, student crying over exams…

The constant question, “Why did I go to law school again?”

When it all started to build up… a friend or family member would usher me out of the blackness and out for a stress relieving meal.

I recently returned to one of those comforting spots; Cheeky Monkey Deli. Based on the name alone you have to walk in.

photo (188)

Deli by day…

Steak heaven by night. Seriously I would put this up against the best in the Twin Cities.

photo (189)

Go ccheck out Cheeky, nothing will disappoint!

Happy Weekend!