10 Reasons Iggy Makes Me Happy

Sometimes you go to concerts and only know like three songs.

Sometimes you don’t know much more about an artist, other than that she’s taught me…

I’m so fancy, but you already know!!!

photo (327)

And since I’m basking in my fancy concert afterglow.. here are a few reasons an Iggy concert makes me happy:

1. Overalls and plaid were everywhere. You will never again catch me in overalls but the whole return of the overalls provides me endless giggles. I just want to say Oshkosh B’gosh over and over again!

2. Men wearing overalls were grinding on hand rails. What?! The creator of overalls never contemplated this…. I’m sure.

3. Fanny packs. We wore these and it was normal!

photo (328)

4. Iggy brought back the movie Clueless for another generation. Pretty sure the freshman here were born a year after the movie came out?? #asif

5. Eddie Murphy clips during a concert?! Yes.

6. Plaid shirts tied around waists everywhere. Yes! I can totally hide the beer baby I have going on at this concert right now…

7. We are both all about that bass. Twerk, drop it low, booty bouncing love. For 45 minutes, she can make me feel the love for my pear shape 🙂

8. She just made me want to keep the party going… with strange hats that is…

photo (329)

9. The opening act was all hip hop from the late 80s early 90s…. My anaconda don’t want none… you know rest 🙂 Middle school dances anyone?!

10. While the concert and this post were slightly ridiculous, I felt like a college kid all over again. And what could be better than reliving some of those glory days?

As it was such a blast and treat, I’m linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday!

Rocking Out

Happy Treat Yourself Tuesday!

Linking up with Becky again 🙂

Treat yourself Tuesday is all about doing something for yourself once a week, even in the smallest of ways.

This week its all about pasta, ladies night and music…..

Preshow dinner of pasta? Yes please.

photo (241)

My first show at the Varsity? Check!

photo (242)

photo (240)

Post dinner, treating yourself to some live music? The concert, the band, the lyrics that seek out the emotions no one else seems able to reach?

Dancing and singing our hearts out, a perfect Thursday Tuesday to me 🙂

If you ever get the chance to see Delta Rae, do it! AMAZING.

Happy Tuesday all!

What is the last concert you went to?

The Fesitval of all Festivals

Happy Monday! First things first, there are a few changes around here! Friend A did an amazing custom header for me.  I recommend him to anyone looking for some design work! Second, I fought with WordPress for a good 8 hours this weekend.  I’m still not satisfied with this new theme, but let me know what you think 🙂

But the main reason for this post, the festival of all festivals.  The one I had heard rumors of prior to even moving here. Summerfest. This year I was prepared and took the advice of seasoned veterans.  Do not enter the grounds without having at least one cocktail.  You need to be in some sort of a happy place prior to entering.  Otherwise the mass of people, the lack of clothing for many, the stumbling and the spilling may overtake you. One must enter the grounds with a buzz.  Thank you margarita.

photo (34)

And of course I cannot enter the grounds with partaking in some fried cheese.  Necessity.

photo (35)

Stage upon stage of free music will bombard your senses.  Whatever genre you are looking for, you’ll find it. The only draw back to free stages, my height. Sadly I cannot see nor hear half of the bands, unless I’m there early and right up front.

Scoring tickets to a paid show is a whole other experience.  My own seat and easy access to the beer stalls, with sight and sound not blocked.  Perfection. We danced and sang our little hearts away.

Then walked all the way home in pure festival fashion…

photo (36)

How was your weekend?