Cheese me Please

When you check your inbox and there just happens to be an invite to a cheese event…..

A cheese event with cocktail pairings…

And local cheese makers with expertise and an eagerness to educate… An event hosted by Slow Food WISE and MKEFoodies..

YOU GO.  You jump on that invite as fast as possible.

I mean cheese could be its own daily food group as far as I’m concerned.  My daily diet rarely lacks for cheese, in some form or another.

photo (5)

The event was held at Great Lakes Distillery, which I’ve written about here.

photo (6)

Sample Sample time…

photo (7)

Hello plate of creamy heaven.  Heaven will be full of cheese for me.  No doubts about it.

photo (8)

Cheers to cheese, education and cocktails 🙂

Bringing Back the Weekend

photo (24)

So over the weekend I found a fountain and sat by it.

I convinced my brunch partner to toss in a penny and make a wish.

A wish that I would win the lottery…

Yeah, Olive did me a favor by chewing up that losing ticket…

photo (26)

I also decided to eat eggs by the fountain.

Only Eggs Benedict..

photo (25)

Then I decided, what is brunch without a cocktail? or two?

photo (27)

Which led to the natural debate of whether day drinking or cocktails at night is better…

Which side are you on?

photo (28)

And this is probably the most boring blog post ever.  Please feel free to tell me this.  It’s ok, I know.

How was your weekend?

Jet Set: Fort Myers Beach

photo (74)

I woke up to this view for three beautiful days last weekend. And I’ve confirmed:

One day I will be a snowbird.  You know, the type that lives in the Midwest yet spends the winter in the south.  Yes, that will be me.  One day.  Until then it is the vacations, celebrations and bachelorette parties that draw me to the beach.  Hello sun, cocktails and over eager 22 year old boys in bars.

I mean, doesn’t a bachelorette party call for a few antics? When you get about 13 girls on a beach, or dressed up for the night, reminiscing of college days gone by, you never know what will happen…. Throw in a party bus, mini bottles of champagne…

 Maybe hide your cell phone, from yourself?  Just saying….

 And then post-antics recovery on the beach?

What could be better?

photo (75)

I could easily see my future vacation house down this road…. Couldn’t you?