All About that Skyline…

No not the one outside my window.

The skyline I’m talking about, is meaty, noodle-y and spicy (sort of) with a hint of chocolate.

Confused yet?

I am talking about Skyline Chili.

If you are from Ohio, have gone to school in Ohio, or just have happened to be at the airport craving some chili…. you know what I mean.

There is something about pasta, drenched in chili, with shredded cheese and onions on top. Induglence with a side of extreme unhealthy. But hey, indulgence with a side of exterme unhealthy is warranted sometimes! It is especially warranted when JT wants to celebrate with nosolgia, i.e. Skyline Chili.

For good measure, heres a photo of Skyline, by the skyline 🙂

photo (325)

(Photo cred friend AT, though I wish I could take credit)

photo (326)

And a little indulgence should always be paired with Champange.

Because, why not?!

Now thats what I call a successful Wednesday night. Cheers to JT and cheers to Skyline.

Have you ever tried Skyline Chili?

Sterotypical Loungin…

When the raindrops just wont stop…

And the rumors of snow are swirling…. yes snow in October…. (why did I move back again?)

Nothing beats a Saturday morning, spent like this:

photo (115)

Wrapped in the arms of my furball..

Knowing I had to drag myself out of this cuddle was awful…. off to help Brother move in the rain…

photo (116)

And my breath is officially taken away.

So brother, when can I move in?

Moving calls for pizza. No demands pizza.

photo (117)

You can sample this deliciousness at Pizzeria Lola. And yes I inevitably ate the entire thing, which meant I spent Yoga Sculpt in pure self hate…. why why… ugh my thighs… glutes.. everything is burning.

Due to said burning, I applauded myself for having chili cooking away early in the day. I mean who doesn’t cook chili on a rainy, borderline snow weekend. Everyone does, as there was only one brand of diced tomatoes left at the store. There was an all out traffic jam by the beans… and the cilantro was a down and dirty grab war.

I need to rethink my grocery store choices…

photo (118)

I like a meaty chili… if I wanted soup, I’d make soup. This is chili. Again I don’t measure, but here is an idea:

2 pounds of grass fed beef

1 pound spicy Italian Sausage

1 can black beans

1 large jar of unknown brand diced tomatoes

some cups of beef broth

diced yellow onion, diced green pepper

1 jalapeno, seeds included

cumin,salt, pepper, white pepper, chili powder, red pepper flakes and garlic to taste

To cap off my weekend, I FINALLY discovered that Greek yogurt tastes exactly like sour cream on chili. Perfect.

How was your weekend? Cook anything?

April Showers Bring Chili Cravings

Cue the cliche intro:

April showers bring May flowers….

Well actually they bring chili cravings!

Yes, yes, when it happens to be April, thunder-storming and threatening freezing rain and hail…

Yes my new car was hit with its first dose of hail yesterday.. (Sad Face Here)

It is probably time to check out that place, that chili place, the one that has been around since 1931.  The one that everyone says should be tried after multiple rounds of drinks…

Despite not being inebriated, I needed chili.  Cincinnati style chili, the kind served over spaghetti, topped with cheese and onions. (Sorry Skyline, I’m totally about to cheat on you: if you do not know what Skyline Chili is, I’m sorry.)

It was time to check out Real Chili.  A local legend.

photo (67)

 You walk in and hello:

photo (68)

Hello Happy Days, where’s the Fonz at?  O yeah, his statue is right down the street. I may or may not have posed by it a few times….

photo (69)

A single spicy chili please with spaghetti, and a side of cheese and onions.  (Yes Skyline I’m hoping it tastes like you)

photo (70)

Due to the weather, this was exactly what I wanted.  However I have a feeling it tastes better after one too many beers.  Just saying 🙂