Wedge of Simple, Good

Its the simple “good things”.

Like checking out a new to me cheese shop.

Learning about cheese, sampling, having the owner describe and select a few.

Sitting.. enjoying a dry cider and taste testing.

A simple, good thing.

FullSizeRender (2)

I would sit and eat cheese all day…. except for this lactose issue I’ve developed.

FullSizeRender (3)

But really, you would be hard pressed to find a better place to sit and sample than The Wedge & Wheel in dowtown Stillwater. The Wedge & Wheel holds classes, pairings and private events, should you want a group cheese sampling extravaganza.

I would also accept any platter or cheese board you might pick up for me 🙂 I accept all gifts in the form of cheese.

(I must point out that despite my cheese sampling; I am still in line with my No Restaurant Challenge, as this sampling occured with my Aunt, who just happens to be a carve out to the rule 🙂 )

I’ve wanted to check out the Wedge & Wheel for quite some time now, so I’m including this as a Treat Yourself Tuesday post and linking up with Becky.

Have you been to The Wedge & Wheel yet? Do you have a favorite cheese shop?

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Nostalgia and Rustica Bakery

As a kid in Europe, I loved the bakeries. The fresh bread you could buy all over Paris. The pastry smells. The feeling as if I was living in a book.

Sitting on a park bench, breaking off pieces of bread and cheese.

photo (317)

My nostalgia could go on and on. My childhood there feels more like a dream these days. Did I really live there and have those experiences?

So when a piece of that reappears in reality today, a bittersweet happiness over comes me.

My first trip into Rustica Bakery recently brought waves of that emotion.

Out load and to no one in particular I exclaimed, hmmm it smells like Europe.

And how fitting, as I was there with a friend about to head to Paris.  I wish her all the Parisian memories to come.. and all the pastries 🙂

photo (316)

I cannot wait to try more of the offerings at Rustica.

And because this was such a treat, I’m linking up with Becky, for Treat Yourself Tuesday. Head on over here to see how others have treated themselves this week.



Cheesy Problems


Happy Monday! Lets talk food. Really what else do I talk about?

Lets talk about adding foods back into my diet post AdvoCare challenge. What I thought would be a normal transition…..

Turned into:

Can I just say Ouch!

Cheese I love and prior to the challenge would have considered it, its own food group. A Friday night dinner of baked brie and wine would be perfection.

But now post challenge, I’ve struggled. All of a sudden I get this headache in the back of my skull. Cheese, my love, what are you doing to me?

I have multiple blocks of cheese awaiting consumption…. purchased to celebrate post challenge… how can I deny the herbed brie, basil asiago and prosecco cheddar calling my name?

Has anyone else ever experienced this cheese headache? Or had a similar experience when reintroducing foods?

Good Morning Brooklyn

Once a year this city calls me.. it calls to many.

And every year I’m convinced I could live there.. the gospel music floating in through the open windows envelopes me. The energy seduces.. there’s this aching sadness when I leave.

Even the 5am street fight below my window does not deter me..

photo (142)

This trip was my first real Brooklyn experience. S or (FWMMR whom you can read more about here) recently moved to a changing Brooklyn neighborhood. Shops are opening, restaurants drawing in the crowds. My Brooklyn food filled adventures call for their own separate posts.. to come!

We wandered in and out of the city…

Window shopping… eating… people watching… more eating.

Like I gained 8 pounds eating.. cleanse needed.

photo (143)

S may have been over my picture taking and ooogling of her neighborhood streets 🙂

photo (147)

Of course, Brooklyn exploration would not be complete without a cheese shop stop at Wedge. I mean, you can take the girl out of the Midwest, but the cheese obsession never dies… Cheese, cured meats, jams and Sprecher soda; hi I’m moving next door.

photo (145)

While I’d give many things for new wardrobe to have come out of this trip, I’d say we had shopping success!

photo (148)

As a former sock hater, I now have an obsession with colorful socks..

photo (146)

More to come on this Brooklyn adventure!

Anyone else have a sock obsession?


 A little piece of Milwaukee landed in Minneapolis over the weekend….

So of course I had all the brunch essentials waiting…. A little brie, fruit, an entire package of bacon, fresh flowers, and a cheese magazine.

Fresh flowers are a necessary component of hosting weekend guests.  Fresh flowers are also a necessary pick me up when the condo you rented three weeks ago goes on the market. With the way the condo market is going, I may be the only person ever who moves 4 times in 4 months…..

But I digress…

photo (107)

An entire package of bacon is necessary, because its bacon. That time I gave up meat, I still craved the bacon. Nothing else, only bacon.

 Enough said.

photo (108)

A little trip to Saks off 5th is also necessary. If you really need an explanation…..

photo (109)

Hi G 🙂

One must try on over-sized fur hats…. Especially when the silver fox suggests it… (confession: I like a little silver fox…..)

Where do the single ones go out? Note to self: find silver fox bar…

photo (110)

And French Fries. Who says no to French Fries?

G and I explored this city, more of our weekend to come.

What did you do over the weekend?

Does anyone else buy themselves fresh flowers?

Fall is Coming

The windows are open and the air conditioning has retreated to memory… The first comfy sweater has been rescued from its box, experiencing the first leaves crunching under the puppy’s paw.

The puppy has her first 6 am shiver… and those beady little eyes look up at me with wonder, “mom, where did the heat go?”

I also plead with summer not to go.. I not a pumpkin spice girl… (if you know what I mean)

photo (78)

Life is good to me with the sun shining down, 80 degrees and the lake at my feet.

photo (79)

Perfection is a summer cheese party, especially when Uncle brings his store’s selection.

photo (80)

Preparing rotisserie chicken on the grill, because four at once is normal you know..

And savoring those garden tomatoes… do not get me started on grocery store posers..

photo (81)

So Fall, be kind. How about you just ease us into it? I could use another 90 degree September day.

Cheese me Please

When you check your inbox and there just happens to be an invite to a cheese event…..

A cheese event with cocktail pairings…

And local cheese makers with expertise and an eagerness to educate… An event hosted by Slow Food WISE and MKEFoodies..

YOU GO.  You jump on that invite as fast as possible.

I mean cheese could be its own daily food group as far as I’m concerned.  My daily diet rarely lacks for cheese, in some form or another.

photo (5)

The event was held at Great Lakes Distillery, which I’ve written about here.

photo (6)

Sample Sample time…

photo (7)

Hello plate of creamy heaven.  Heaven will be full of cheese for me.  No doubts about it.

photo (8)

Cheers to cheese, education and cocktails 🙂