Just Hanging Out

Ever have that nightmare…. where something happens in public.

That nightmare where you toss out your yoga mat in class, and out comes underwear flying onto the floor?

Or that high school nightmare of tampons spilling down the classroom row?

Or you accidentally, somehow split your pants at work?


Nightmare became reality for me on Monday.

Picture this:

It is 3pm and you’re walking to grab that necessary afternoon coffee. You’ve met with company big wigs for a charity kickoff event.

You were introduced to the head of your department’s head.

And now… on that caffeine trek downtown…. you feel something hitting your ankle…. What is that….

You look down….

And there it is…

A pair of underwear hanging out of your pants! (yes its yours!) Time and space freezes, your cheeks flush and your breath pauses.

There it was, just hanging out!

THANK GOD FOR BLAZER POCKETS.  You do a quick, “let me brush my pant leg off” move and into the pocket it goes.

Did anyone see, because this is totally real life and NOT a nightmare. I hope this is entertaining to someone…. because here it is, out there for you all to see!

Anyway! You know what is not embarrassing?

THIS burger from IL Foro.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

The only available at lunch, brisket blend, dripping in cheese, perfect amount of salt, heaven in your mouth burger, can only sit at the bar unless you snag a reservation burger.

For real, go, no run here at lunch. Try this burger.

I’ll be back for more menu items in the future 🙂

The Middle of What?!

Wait, its the middle (almost end) of September already?

In the midst of travels, weddings and adventures, I’ve failed to get caught up on the present.

My planner is filled to the brim, and while being busy is a blessing and keeps me going, I’m ready for a minor cool off.  (Not weather related) Events cool off.

To look at the upcoming weekend and see blanks, nothing penciled in… nothing cooking… it brings a slow, sweet smile. It means time for coffee and perusing online… on my couch.. with the wild puppy snoozing at my feet. She too loves quiet mornings, smelling my coffee ad gazing up at my unmoving body. She likes the blanks in my planner most likely more than anyone.

Blanks lead to unplanned evenings.. the opportunity to try new places. You know, my M.O.

Like Saint Dinette over in Lowertown. The place of the fabled cheeseburger. The participant in the Twin Cities burger war of 2015. I keep questioning who is next, who will throw down another….. Who will attempt to conquer next?

Saint Dinette’s story is one of coming together.  Of “invoking the welcome and comfort of a “maison,” or house — a gathering place for this re-born River City.” They wish to share the flavors of the region with you.

Head there and I think you’ll agree, they’ve done just that.


FullSizeRender (141)

FullSizeRender (140)

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Next time I find a few blanks in the planner….. you know where you can find me 😉

Have you been?

Because it is a Classic

What does classic mean to you?

A place that’s been around for forever?

A place that holds a slot of your childhood?

Perhaps somewhere you could picture your parents or grandparents frequenting as they grew up?

A throwback of how things were? Perhaps how they should have stayed?

Does anything really stay as it was? Are things just as you remember them?

One thing that has stayed the same…. or at least as close to same as possible…. Convention Grill in Edina.

This place has been on my list to try for quite some time. Just to say I’ve been.

FullSizeRender (25)

Convention Grill has been flipping burgers and satisfying that craving since 1934.

FullSizeRender (26)

FullSizeRender (27)

This guy, after lunch, totally put me in a coma for the rest of the day. And yes, I was utterly teased for taking food pictures at a work lunch.

At least I’m entertaining??

FullSizeRender (28)

What is your favorite classic burger place?

Ginormous Buns

Cue weekend visual stimulation….

photo (180)photo (181)

 photo (183)


If that is not a ginormous bun, I’m not sure what is.  As advertised, it was the size of my head.

 This post is long over due (very long), a stop on my brunch train. You know, my art of “brunching”… The addiction I have to this weekend meal. The fuel for exploring places I’ve somehow never been.

For real, how had I never before eaten at Ike’s? 3 previous years in this city and not one brunch stop here. Bad foodie, bad!


THAT Bloody Mary is what I am talking about. Meal on a stick. INCLUDED. Enough said.


Any burger that comes wrapped in paper instantly ups my expectation. This one did not disappoint.

Head to Ike’s Food and Cocktails and you will see what I mean. (www.ilikeikes.com)

(any wordpress gurus know why my links refuse to work? Exactly why I never update….)


They Call it Frozen Custard..

There is a running joke around these parts, that a certain fast food chain, is the place to be on Friday night.  The place to be for custard, burgers and fish fry.

This running joke, I’d say is bordering more on reality than a joke.  I have driven past on a Friday night and have seen the lines for myself.

Since burgers and custard are like a local legend around these parts, I am obligated to explore and continue sampling 🙂

With a recent office move, we are even closer to one of these legends..


So finally, on a day when an office food coma was appropriate, we went.

Tadaa! I made it.

photo (84)

And then I proceeded to eat a burger the size of my head.  Served by a man in a paper hat.

I would go back for the custard, it was delish! People even stalk thier website for daily flavors… You could too 🙂

Where is your favorite frozen custard place?

photo (83)

Burger v. Burger Part 1

Burger wars, what? Yes that’s right.  Like every good city, we have a food battle going on. Some may say its over, the big networks have already covered it. Tough, it is new for me.  The burger battle is still on my list of things to explore in this city. So off I go on my merry way to discover, taste and rate these burgers…

Burger v. Burger

 First up, AJ Bombers:

photo (8)

 A wait for tables provides time to admire the art….I mean bench.  This battle is heated here, with strong opinions every time I ask.

photo (10)

 I like to play with my food, I mean menus.

photo (9)

 As my workouts have prepared me for tonight, why not try the Todachos??? Or Tochos? I don’t even remember, Nachos but with Tator Tots??

 Mustard cheese sauce? Not going to lie, I think this was my favorite part of the meal. Can I get this bottled to go please?

photo (7)

And for the main event; the burger.  The AJ Burger with pickles, sauteed onions, and jalapenos please.

 Verdict drum-roll anyone??

photo (11)

And the victor? Welp I can’t tell you until after Part 2 🙂 Prepare for another Burger post soon!

What food wars exist in your city?