Joys of Fall….

Remember those blanks in the calendar I once professed my love and excitement for?

Well those blanks somehow dwindled…. were too few cherished evenings.  In their place have been the joys of fall.

Joys of fall…. something I don’t normally say.

I mean.. I know what comes after fall in Minnesota. What those tumbling leaves mean. Those fire red leaves, flashing at me to book my beach vacation now!

Fall to me means winter is coming….

But this year something is different. I’m taking in all the fall activities without that grain of salt or nagging feeling of “I know you’re coming snow….”

Like Fall Funday, which friend Kbail plans every year.  This year a tour of breweries and “hop off the light rail spots.”

Like Bang Brewery.

FullSizeRender (143)

At Bang Brewery you can apparently find men posing in the door way…. who wouldn’t want to go there 🙂


Like all the plaid you can wear required.


Post Fall Funday, do you know what is required?

Um… Bacon.

Did you know all the things you can do with bacon? Or the types or meals you can add bacon to? (psst even vegan bacon :))

Like this Praline Bacon from Heyday!!


When fall comes around, I’m over here throwing bacon in and on everything… like salads, pastas and my brussel sprouts. For other ways to use bacon, check out this article

Do you have a favorite fall ingredient?

AND Are you out there enjoying all Fall has to offer? If not, get to it!

Snow is coming…. shhhhh 🙂

A Little Sip n Flow

Alright, one cool weekend and everyone is all “Where’s my comfy sweater and PSL latte?”

I’m over here soaking up the sun and the mornings where I can still take the dog out in barely there layers…. 🙂

I’m not yet ready for fall and am not one who invites it in so soon.

I’m the one praying for 70 degree October days and keeping my boots and sweaters at bay…. (for as long as I can!)

I will wear open toe booties until the first snow falls..


Here are a few of my favorite ways to enjoy the rest of summer!

1) Yoga at the brewery! How could you beat a morning flow session and a cool environment to get your sweat sesh on?

2) Slow Saturday mornings and brunch at home..


3) Sipping my iced coffee with Almond Breeze Almond Coconut milk… I’m a true “iced-coffeer”, you know the kind that prefers iced to hot coffee, so when Blue Diamond sent this to sample, I was all about my iced lattes! (I will drink iced even when it snows!) Call me crazy 🙂

Have you tried their Almond Breeze Almond Coconut milk?

FullSizeRender (133)

FullSizeRender (134)

4) Summer BLT Salads, because, tomato season, hello!IMG_3535

5) Cherishing those lingering cabin days..


So while some may be wishing for fall, you can find me in the city, sipping my iced almond coconut milk latte, begging summer to stay and participating in a little yoga flow 🙂

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk

Parents do the City

The Parents came to town for the weekend.  And you know what that means? Eating drinking and exploring.  I mean, what I do best.  I took it upon myself to be the local tour guide, explorer extraodinaire.  All in all, a real Local.

So of course we must begin with brunch, (the designated official meal of the city), and my new love.

Even if Father will not drink this City’s official drink, I still must order one and give him a partial experience.  HMmm yes, its spicy. Wasabi spicy to be exact.

photo (29)

Next, it is off to the Italian Market we go.  Because what could be better than Italian Father in Italian Market?   I think we were successful.  Father even discovered items from Grandma’s kitchen.

photo (30)photo (31)

Sardines anyone?

Next, what could be better after excessive Italian grocery shopping, than a brewery tour.  Yes, that makes sense.

photo (32)photo (33)

Does it get any more local than that? I mean, cheese curds? And beer. We just covered every local stereotype.  Check.

Confession: Please note I am not including the three delicious dinners we consumed.  I downed Rainbow Trout, New York Strip, Ahi Tuna, Lamb Bolongese, Mussels and more.  I will not post these photos as it will lead to conclusions of over indulgence.

However, it may help to know, Father insisted on a gym trip and I still cannot stand up straight due to absolutely kiling my calfs… (That is my body saying, “Karma.”)

How was your weekend?