The Perfect Brunch

When friends at ProFlowers mentioned a series on spring brunch….. how could I not join in the fun? We all know I’m obsessed with the meal. Its a weekly blog topic for me basically. So why not join in!.

To start, check out the inspiration, ProFlowers’ post on the Spring Brunch Checklist here.

Now, what makes my perfect spring brunch?

Lets start with the table. Fresh spring flowers are a must. Last week I had fresh flowers in every room. Overkill? Never 🙂

photo (3)

Next, brunch requires a cocktail. And my favorite, the Bloody Mary of course.

The perfect spring brunch would have a Bloody Mary cook off! (Drink off?!) A little FoodNetwork Chopped action at brunch? Why not! A Bloody Mary competition, who can make the best, most spicy, most outlandish Bloody Mary.

Cocktails and activities, who’s in?!

My perfect brunch meal? It would look a little something like this:

photo (232)

The Side of bacon, a must.  Paired with grilled salmon and a veggie hash.

Finally the most important ingredient to my perfect spring brunch.. the perfect company. Friends who order you that second Bloody Mary, friends who cannot wait to remind you of your weekend escapades, friends who are there to support an important upcoming week at work…

Flowers, cocktails and activities, a side of bacon, and great conversation with friends. What more could you ask for?


(this is not a sponsored post)

Ginormous Buns

Cue weekend visual stimulation….

photo (180)photo (181)

 photo (183)


If that is not a ginormous bun, I’m not sure what is.  As advertised, it was the size of my head.

 This post is long over due (very long), a stop on my brunch train. You know, my art of “brunching”… The addiction I have to this weekend meal. The fuel for exploring places I’ve somehow never been.

For real, how had I never before eaten at Ike’s? 3 previous years in this city and not one brunch stop here. Bad foodie, bad!


THAT Bloody Mary is what I am talking about. Meal on a stick. INCLUDED. Enough said.


Any burger that comes wrapped in paper instantly ups my expectation. This one did not disappoint.

Head to Ike’s Food and Cocktails and you will see what I mean. (

(any wordpress gurus know why my links refuse to work? Exactly why I never update….)


Brunch Haute Style

One of the things I miss dearly from the Brew City is its love affair with Brunch. I miss the crowded restaurants, filled with those recovering from the night before.  I miss the Bloody Mary competition, a city obssessed with the thing.  How many items could you pile on a stick, which by the way, came included with the drink…… Other cities take note.. hint hint..

It is truly an unmatched affair and a tradition I am desperately trying to maintain.  So much so, that I am considering developing my own Bloody Mary mix…. who’s coming over? 🙂

On my quest to relive my glory brunching days of Brew City, I stumbled into a pleasant surprise. A restaurant I had yet to try; one that truly lived up to my brunch expectations.

Cue Haute Dish.  A mecca of twists on Midwestern cuisine.

Up first, the obligatory Bloody test….

photo (167)

AND Finally, a bloody in Minneapolis I’d come back for.

The House Bloody Mary is a must; spice and garlic, much needed on 10 degree days.

The brunch menu is divided into “Things to Nibble on”, “Sharing is Caring”, and ” Your Favorite Plates”.

photo (168)

How could I not nibble on truffled potato chips and French onion dip. I barely kept myself in check with these…

We then skipped to the Favorite Plate section…

photo (169)

Sweet potato hash, beef brisket, avocado. Order the Ropa Vieja. Pronto.

photo (170)

And the Brunch Burger topped with an egg and bacon jam.

Bacon Jam, the password to my heart. Don’t send flowers, send Bacon Jam.

Did you try anywhere new this weekend? How does your city rank for Brunch?

Catfish NYC

O Crown Heights, Brooklyn, how I’ve fallen for you and your food. With so many options popping up, last Saturday’s choice happened by chance.  A list of potentials….. a quick menu scan.. and off we were to the flavors of New Orleans.

photo (150)

Catfish was packed, rocking to the sounds of the 80s and slinging back authentic looking bloody marys. I mean a real bloody mary seems hard to find in NYC!

But look at these Oysters!

photo (151)

I had to cut an oyster in half. Because…… not even going to say it, as your response will be “that’s what she said!”

Post oyster demolishing, the second appetizer arrives…

photo (152)

Hello baked crawfish mac n cheese….. yes that is a potato chip topping.

And the Finale…

photo (153)

Jambalaya; full of flavor and the right amount of heat. Check out Catfish, you won’t be disappointed.

Burger v. Burger Conclusion

And the post I know you been dying for.  The post you’ve been eagarly awaiting..  The post you keep checking back for with intense anticipation…

No?  Well ok but here it is anyways.  My verdict on the local food war.  The burger battle which exists in this fine city.  Maybe you happened to have read part one?  If not, you can check it out here.

The first stop was AJ Bombers… and now it is on to Sobelman’s. Get ready.

photo (94)

I just so happened to venture here on a lovely 50 degree June day.  Brrr.  So while there is normally a long line; a line rumored to get up to 47 people long… I got my pick of the outdoor tables.

To fight off the 50 degree chill, I of course ordered a Bloody Mary…

photo (95)

LOOK AT THAT THING! Please tell me where else you find such a masterpiece.  Literally, it’s name is the Bloody Masterpiece.  Taste wise, it has a smokey flavor to it.

But I digress, the main event, is the burger.  The Sobelman.  Cheese, Fried Onions, Jalapenos.. Bacon.

Need I say more?

photo (96)

And the verdict?

Hands down I am a Sobelman’s girl, through and through.

Burger v. Burger has been decided.  (In my humble opinion.)

Which one wins for you?