Pizza “Farmin”

Have you been to a pizza farm?

If not, you are missing out.

Rolling fields, green pastures, farm to table ingredients (quite literally), scenic dining, traipsing through fields. All the many experiences of a pizza farm.

And did I mention… Pizza.

Apparently these places have been around for quite some time. A hidden gem and secret to many. Until quite recently most people I knew had never heard of one.  There were a handful of people I talked to, who had any clue what I was referring to.

Thankfully, the secret has been exposed. The crowds are headed out of the city and onto the farm.

Checking out a pizza farm has been on my list for quite some time. I just needed the perfect excuse.  And D’s birthday pizza farm wish was exactly what it took to get me there. One only turns 29 once, and if a pizza farm is what she wants, well of course that is what she is going to get!

Off we went to check out A to Z Produce and Bakery.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I think I’ll require D to do all my table settings from now on 🙂

FullSizeRender (116)

FullSizeRender (115)

Look appealing? You should check it out 🙂

Birthdays and Kumquat Trees..

When you turn 36, I hear Kumquat trees are the perfect gift.

At least for some 🙂

Yes there’s a back story there, one of lasagna and jokes, cocktails and kumquat upside down cake.

Which naturally leads one to purchase a kumquat tree for a birthday present.

Normal, right?

Yeah, I bought a kumquat tree.

FullSizeRender (82)

It was a weekend of birthdays and accidents.

A weekend of wine and Bolognese.

FullSizeRender (83)

Baby showers and sperm poems.

Yes, I wrote a poem that may or may not have included sperm jokes.

Bring back the weekend already?!

How was yours?

Hello 29

Well hello, I hope this post finds you well 🙂

I hope I am waking up to the sounds of a new country, new culture and new experiences.

I hope the first day of 29 brings peace while exploring the lost temples.

I hope 29 brings a calm, while even in the midst of bustling Asian cities.

I pray 29 brings deeper compassion into my life than I’ve previously known.

I’d like for this trip to reconnect me with pieces, sights and feelings from my childhood. Some of my first and clearest memories are of Asia…

I hope to meet and learn from many over these two weeks.

My past birthday posts have been a reflection.  here and here.

This year, I’m looking forward. I have a feeling 29 may be one of the best yet 🙂

So happy Monday to you; I hope you find the same peace, calm, compassion and reconnection this year 🙂

And hello 29!

FullSizeRender (74)

Happy 28!

Happy Friday Everyone! O and Valentine’s Day to those that celebrate!

Big plans for the weekend? I will be celebrating another year older… hopefully by sampling a few local brews 🙂 And taking in a Sunday birthday brunch, as I’ve made clear my undying love for brunch. Perhaps brunch is my one true love.. for the time being…

 I feel birthdays call for reflections, which I started last year here…Its funny how much can change in one year…  I am in a new job, a new company, a different city and a different state.. my life is unrecognizable from a year ago.. and omg have I learned a ton…. Below are a few reflections from the last year, ranging from comedy to truth. My truths.

What I learned at 27:

1) Two day hangovers are real.

2)The jeans I bought 5 years ago no longer fit, time for new ones! So long metabolism, hello new healthier lifestyle.

3)Everyone around appears to be pregnant, announcing a pregnancy or posting their ultrasound pictures. My pregnancy knowledge is off the charts, and I’ve never been pregnant!

4) Everyone around you will start doing cleanses. And you will join them.

5) People will finally start to accurately predict your age. No more, “no way are you 21!”

6) Your dog is not an appropriate date to most social events. Some invites will even specify this.

7) Running into the ex or their family at weddings will lead to over consumption of alcohol. High fives may be involved.

8) Creepy guys from college will resurface and hit on you through online dating sites.

9) living with your parents for two months is actually an amazing experience. At this stage in life your friendship deepens and you get to see them at their prime. The things you thought were annoying in your teens are actually some of the funniest parts of their personalities.

10) You may question whether or not Botox will become organic in a few years…

11) The depth of friendship may become apparent, the friend label may slip away because truly they are family. There is no limit to what you will do for the friends you love.

12) Moving home is not always that easy. Many things have changed but so have you. It may be home but it is still an adjustment.

13) I don’t really love working out. I adore yoga sculpt but despise the treadmill. Suggestions??

14) It truly is a small world; the interconnectedness just won’t stop.

15) Being asked out on a date for grilled cheese sandwiches actually happens.

16) Men will send online dating emails about their “healthy 401ks”.

17) My obsession with anything decorative and BALL shaped has only worsened. I have to be physically restrained from entering the Christmas decoration aisle. ( confused, read here)

And because this is long enough and I’ve had way too many “deep” posts lately, you’re probably like, please lady, get back to the food posts already;

To conclude, at 27 I learned the struggle is worth the end result. Not always getting what you expected will teach you the unexpected. You have a strength you may have doubted.  The bottom of the barrel may not actually be the bottom. Things will happen at the right time.

So heres to another year of learning!

What have you learned lately?

photo (198)

Treat Yourself-P.B.S.

Treat yourself Tuesday again! If you are not familiar with Treat Yourself Tuesday, head over to Becky’s blog and discover what it is all about!

Today’s TYT is all about P. B. S.

Puppy Birthday Style

That’s right, little furball Olive turned the big 2 years old yesterday 🙂

The day I brought you home was truly my biggest treat. (until that first 3am wake up call…..kidding)

photo (120)

Watching you grow, play, destroy my yoga pants, chow down on my coffee table, and shower me with unconditional love every single day…. I cannot imagine a better treat.

So for your second birthday, here is your favorite treat…

photo (121)

I had to help you out with these…

Which led to the necessary…


photo (122)

I call that a successful treat. How have you treated yourself this week?

Now head over and check out the other TYTs.

Memorial Weekend

This weekend started off with big changes.. and by that I mean the material changes that really really matter.

Hair Color.

I was talked into becoming a redhead…

photo (86)

Followed by the most adorable one year old’s birthday party.

Circus themed of course.

photo (87)

Every little detail was so perfect and adorable.  If you ever need a party planner/decorator, I’ll give you Friend’s number 🙂

Don’t worry, Friend provided some adult fun as well.

photo (88)

Celebrating one year of birth was followed by brunches, bloody marys (of course) and a bachelorette party.

And sometimes, the soul just needs a cool breeze, a city view, old friends and some Moscato. O and a dog who won’t stop eating the potted soil, out of the only plant you’ve been able to keep alive for over a year.  Thanks Olive.

photo (89)

And finally, thank you to those that serve, continue to serve and have served our country.