Austin Bites

Finally, here it is. Austin food edition. I couldn’t not post on all the amazing bites I took out of the many offerings in Austin.

The city of food trucks has my heart. I truly only want to eat out of food trucks from now on.

If you had a few bites of the below…. you would too 🙂

photo (262)

I could live on street tacos alone. And in Austin, you seem to never be far from a taco truck.

photo (263)

And blue balls.  Who doesn’t want to eat a pile of blueberry donuts? 🙂

photo (264)

photo (265)

Do you think we ordered enough?

photo (268)

photo (269)

photo (267)

Cocktails to wash all this down was necessary…

I wanted to take a quick moment and apologize for my lack in commenting/responding lately. I’ve been a bit absent from blogland and I apologize. Summer here is so fleeting and I’m attempting to enjoy every ounce. Please forgive me 🙂

Happy Tuesday everyone!

photo (266)

I Heart Austin Pt 2

Again, I love Austin. Cannot get that city out of my head.

I’m quite convinced that at some point, I will live there.

The eclectic, the weird, the perfect. As the saying goes, keep Austin weird.

I’m on board!

Weird patio décor high up in the trees…

photo (256)

Hey Mr. Rooster.

photo (257)

In Austin, we opened bottles with hoof openers…

photo (259)

I failed to get myself a pair of cowboy boots…..

photo (260)

photo (258)

photo (261)

Keep it weird yo 🙂


I Heart Austin

photo (247)

 l left my heart in Austin…… and his name might be Freckles..

Joking! Only nine of us will ever get that reference. We may not have known each other well in the beginning… but by the end… we knew more than is ever “bloggable” 🙂

We shopped, explored, ate, danced, lake partied and popped a few bottles.. all in the name of the soon to be Mrs. KPD’s last single fling.

And now I need to move to Austin. The people, the houses, the ever popular taco truck. Who is hiring?!

photo (248)

I miss our house!

photo (250)

photo (252)

photo (251)

Yep, still in Texas…..

photo (254)

Hey Garage….What will you do before you die?

photo (253)

I heart Austin! Have you been?