There is something about that summer tomato.

You know… the real, fresh picked, not purchased in a chain super market, tomato.

I could never understand the person who despised the tomato. Until I moved to the Midwest… and our state lacks the real thing for half the year. The difference between the garden tomato and store bought tomato is mind blowing.

Yes I just referred to a tomato as mind blowing…

photo (272)

Like summer’s candy.

And sometimes mind blowing summer candy makes you buy bison bacon.

photo (271)

And then of course, you make BLTs…!

photo (273)



Celebrate Proper 2

Happy Tuesday! Need a few birthday celebrating tips?

1) Find a friend who picks out the best cards:

photo (199)

So poignant, as Olive is a humper. Yep I said it. She humps. We are still working on this behavioral issue…

2) Check out a new to you Brewery:

photo (200)

3) Indulge in the food truck outside:

photo (202)

4) Play giant Jenga and perhaps stay for 5… or 6 hours:

photo (201)

5) Once having your fill of beer, head to 1029 bar for lobster mac and cheese. Annnnd put some bacon on it.

photo (203)

Four of us shared this, it did not stand a chance.

And that is what I like to call a proper celebration 🙂