Patience is a Virtue Right?

There is always something to work on. And lately I find I struggle more with the virtue of having patience than anything else.

Why hasn’t this happened already? Why am I still waiting for that?

Why isn’t the timing right? Why am I still waiting for this?

Why does this feel like a step backwards rather than forward?

When the connection is there but the timing is not. When the job is there but the hours and environment  are not ideal.

Opportunities and people cross your path, but I believe truly that everything happens when it is suppose to happen. My patience level just needs to adjust to my belief system lately 🙂

One thing I do not have to wait for, is exploring Minneapolis on a beautiful Sunday.

With only a little over a month left in this neighborhood, Olive and I try to take a different walk path every day.

photo (291)

I am in love with every house we pass!


Do you ever…

Random Thought Wednesday

photo (190)

Do you ever wonder… or ask yourself, this is it?

Have you ever looked around your cube and asked… 40 more years of this?

Or woken up next to someone and wondered… is this all love is? What am I missing?

Questioned why your volunteer efforts were so small?

Pondered your passions and compared them to others?

Analyzed your weekends and fond them lacking in fulfillment? I spending time doing what…?

Contemplated a year in Dubai? Just leave everything behind and go?!

No Dubai? Maybe that’s just me 😉

Perhaps I’ve spent too much time in traffic lately, but these questions just keep swirling….


Solo Vacations


Solo Vacations.  Would you do it?  Have you done it? Where did you go?

I cannot get it off my mind.  With friends unable to join, plus the single factor, I am leaning closer and closer to  taking that first solo trip. These subzero temps are also pushing me over the edge.

It sounds exciting, thrilling and scary all at once. Who would I meet? What would I discover? What delicious foods could I be exploring….

It may be the fact that I spent the last almost 2 years exploring a new city, mainly on my own..

But the solo vacation is calling my name..

photo (166)

Have you done the Solo Vacation?