The First Trimester

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With baby boy set to join us in a few weeks, we couldn’t be more excited for life’s next great adventure! With the excitement also comes the memories of my first trimester. Looking back on it; I’d go through it all again and more for the chance to have this blessing. Understanding that there is so much loss and struggle and pain; this post is only meant as a hug and encouragement for those who may experience some of what I did; with hopefully a few helpful tips and tricks to get you through the rough days.

The news

You are keeping one of life’s greatest secrets for twelve weeks or more. You walk around in a cloud of joy that you don’t dare share with the world yet; though all you want to do is shout it from the rooftops. The uncertainties may make you hold off on sharing the news. Those little pains, cramps, changes; are they normal? Is everything ok in there? Is this how I’m supposed to feel? All of it can contribute to some anxiety in the beginning; but share and tell whomever you want, whenever you want. Do what feels right for you and your family.

I thought perhaps I’d told people too early; yet should something have happened in the beginning; those were the exact people I would have confided in and leaned on for support. I wanted these people in my life to know at the moment we were ready to tell them. Do what feels right for you and your family.


If your experience goes anything like mine, I was nauseous from week three. Yes we found out that early; I was not even late. I was convinced I was getting the flu but also knew this did not feel like the flu one bit. More like your worst hangover that never gets better. It went downhill from there; vomiting multiple times a day in multiple locations a day. Restaurants, the hair salon, the office, as soon as I got off the bus or on a public street; I left a trail of vomit. I didn’t know a day without throwing up until around 18 weeks or so.

I would avoid my toothbrush if I could because brushing my teeth would trigger a gagging reaction I couldn’t control and I’d end up getting sick again. The tips and tricks I tried helped but nothing fully relived it. Hopefully these work for you! I tried these seabands on my wrists. I wore them for weeks. They did help but again, did not completely take it away. Get them here.

Put crackers by your bed. Eat one or two before even getting out of bed. An empty stomach would trigger me even though the thought of food was awful. Take crackers or other small snacks with you everywhere. The more consistent I was with small snacks throughout the day, the better I felt.

If there is only one food that doesn’t trigger feelings of vomiting… go for it. I could only think about or eat grilled cheese for a couple weeks. You need food and so does that baby. If it happens to only be grilled cheese then so be it.


Bone tired is an expression I now know I’ve never experienced until pregnancy. The exhaustion truly gets so deep it feels as if its settled into your bones. Making it a full work day and then home to my couch by 6pm felt like I’d run a marathon. Cleaning the house, making dinner, taking the dogs to the park, that all fell to the wayside. And that’s OK. Your body needs the rest. You are making a human! Allow yourself compassion and understanding for you. 

Moments of Sadness

Your hormones are all over the place. There is a lot going on in there! I’ve been told from others that they went through frustration and anger with their partners while pregnant and that those feelings were not par for the course of their relationship. Mine were the opposite of anger but of fear of losing my partner during the pregnancy. I’d be folding the laundry and have an out of the blue thought about something happening to him and the tears would be uncontrollable. Again, allow yourself compassion and understanding for you. 

Is that normal?

Have that nurse hotline phone number handy. They are there for you. You can google all day long and ask every one of your friends with babies, but your body is unique and a medical professional is the appropriate person to consult with questions or concerns. If something seems off or is on your mind, call them. I’ve experienced nothing but friendly, supportive and helpful nursing staff.

There are so many things you could experience during the first trimester. Some of it is beautiful and some of it not so much. And that is ok. You’re not the only one standing on the side of a very busy downtown street, throwing up into a ginormous public trash can. I’ve been there. I did it.

Just remember; do what feels right for you and your family. Try the seabands! Allow yourself compassion and understanding for you. And use that nurse hotline. It is not all pleasant and that is OK.

How was your first trimester? Did you have some of the same experiences?

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