Jet Set: Denver Part 2

Denver, not only did you steal my heart, but you stole my skinny body.  I think I gained 5 pounds. Or 6.  Totally hitting the yoga studio tonight… and maybe the treadmill… O and the free weights.. but it was oo so worth it.

Night One: How about some Tapas?

photo (10)

Scallops anyone?

photo (11)

May I please have another??

photo (12)photo (13)

In my defense, these were “small plates”…..

And finally Dessert.  Even in a brand new city, you run into local connections.  The world is small, and I should know.. like 7th grade in London, playing basketball against a friend I knew in Singapore years earlier.  The world is small and so interconnected, so why not send us out dessert because we are from the same home state?

photo (14)

Following dinner, one must of course discover the local beverages of Denver.

photo (15)

Once you’ve good and discovered those local beverages,  recovery may be needed the next day.  Enter Carbs… (Sorry Dad, I know, the evil C word.)

photo (16)

Slice of the day please.

And I think i’ll end this trip right where I began:

photo (17)

Denver, I feel I’ll be seeing you soon.


Jet Set: Denver Part 1

I was bitten.  Bitten hard.  By the travel bug this year.  Denver was calling… that city has been calling for awhile.  I just needed the right price…..  And along it came..  Off I went to visit College Friend and see a city I’ve somehow never seen.

Ready…. Set… Go.


Denver… Boulder.. I think you stole my heart.

photo (1)photo (2)

For a sworn and true city girl, I could get use to this…

photo (3)photo (4)

Ok, well, as a city girl in her skinny jeans and tennis shoes, I am a bit out of place…. But for one second, I am truly lost in a painting.  Is this place for real?

photo (5)photo (6)

And before I am completley inebriated by the beauty of my surroundings,  it is back to the city we go.

photo (7)

Ok, now I’m back in my natural setting.

photo (8)

I think I left my heart where the buffalo roam.

photo (9)

Or maybe I left it on Hooker Street? College Friend, you have a great address 🙂


Jet Set: Aruba

I get the urge to travel multiple times a year.  I just need to go.  Immediately.  I need a change, a fresh breath and a new morning view.  I cannot stay in one place for too long.  But this is how I grew up.  Traveling is my perspective.  Nothing else would make sense.  That’s my “third culture kid” kicking in.

So when you happen to get a decent amount of vacation time around Christmas, you go.  I crafted a list of dream destinations.  I voted for Dubai, but what idiot turns down Aruba?


How can you wake up to this view and not feel calm?  I agree, the ocean does heal all.




I could not ask for a more friendly destination.


What is the saying?  Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer?


With that, I’m ready for the next new spot……  Where are you headed next?