Vail Bound


Good morning and Happy Friday!

I hope you are off to wonderful weekend plans.

I’m about to board a flight to Vail and head off to another quick summer trip. This time to celebrate the wedding of college friends. Mountain views, reunions and celebrating are about to occur. I cannot help but sit here reminiscing on all that has happened since college. So many moves, job changes, marriages, heartbreaks and joys for us all.

This morning I look back on all of it with a smile.

My excitement for this trip is on another level, as baby sister is accompanying me as my date!

As we are off to make new memories, I felt a little flashback Friday was in order

photo (274)

photo (275)

Happy Weekend!

Lets Go Already: Bucket List

The proverbial bucket list. I have one running in my mind and one on my phone.

Actually the one on my phone is purely a restaurant bucket list…

My travel list; now that one is ever present in my mind. Father joked last weekend that my wanderlust is too strong.. I’ll explore one place and instantly crave another. So of course I informed him that my travel obsession  was all his fault…

Right, blame dad?

There is one place for years I’ve wanted to go.

Devoured articles on it. Watched travel and food shows.. poured over pictures.

Read fiction and nonfiction about it.

Then finally two weeks ago, I decided it was time. Less thinking, more doing.

Lets go already!

photo (270)The doing (planning) has begun. See you in February 2015 Vietnam!!

Have you been? If so, any tips/recommendations?

What places are on your travel bucket list?

I Heart Austin Pt 2

Again, I love Austin. Cannot get that city out of my head.

I’m quite convinced that at some point, I will live there.

The eclectic, the weird, the perfect. As the saying goes, keep Austin weird.

I’m on board!

Weird patio décor high up in the trees…

photo (256)

Hey Mr. Rooster.

photo (257)

In Austin, we opened bottles with hoof openers…

photo (259)

I failed to get myself a pair of cowboy boots…..

photo (260)

photo (258)

photo (261)

Keep it weird yo 🙂


I Heart Austin

photo (247)

 l left my heart in Austin…… and his name might be Freckles..

Joking! Only nine of us will ever get that reference. We may not have known each other well in the beginning… but by the end… we knew more than is ever “bloggable” 🙂

We shopped, explored, ate, danced, lake partied and popped a few bottles.. all in the name of the soon to be Mrs. KPD’s last single fling.

And now I need to move to Austin. The people, the houses, the ever popular taco truck. Who is hiring?!

photo (248)

I miss our house!

photo (250)

photo (252)

photo (251)

Yep, still in Texas…..

photo (254)

Hey Garage….What will you do before you die?

photo (253)

I heart Austin! Have you been?

Adult Spring Break

Girls weekends are necessary. Adult spring break with your best college friends, priceless.

A four day weekend on a beach… the perfect treat.

Now that we are back and I’m hit hard with multiple realities, heres a (mostly) visual recap 🙂

photo (233)

The most perfect welcome.

photo (234)

Classy T-shirt shop stops may have happened.  I may have made a purchase…

photo (235)

Shopping makes me hungry…

photo (5)

Rides with classy ads are required on Adult Spring Break. But really, I have the contact info for the best, most reliable, most comedic driver in all of Daytona Beach. I’ll introduce you 🙂

photo (238)

Sushi a must.

photo (239)

So dearly miss waking up to this view.

Thank you ladies for an amazing Adult Spring Break 🙂

Are you taking a vacation? Where are you headed?

Dutch Boy Burger

Happy Monday! How about starting this short week off with a little food porn? Yeah I said it. The P word…

Our traipsing through Brooklyn could not be complete without a good burger. And I mean a throw back to the diner, black and white checkered floors, no pretense burgers.

photo (154)

Enter Dutch Boy Burger on Franklin Avenue, Crown Heights.

I had to go with the classic, and of course add the thick cut bacon. Perfect on a rainy New York day, when your feet are tired and your stomach rumbling….. even though it shouldn’t be, as you demolished an extra large Cajun meal the night before…

photo (155)

Again, enter comment, not sure I can fit this in my mouth….

I know, I know, TWSS…… theme of our foodie weekend I guess.

But really, look at this guy.

photo (156)

Am I further proving why I needed a veggie cleanse after this trip? Really check out Dutch Boy Burger, the milkshakes are also divine.

Try any place new this weekend?

Catfish NYC

O Crown Heights, Brooklyn, how I’ve fallen for you and your food. With so many options popping up, last Saturday’s choice happened by chance.  A list of potentials….. a quick menu scan.. and off we were to the flavors of New Orleans.

photo (150)

Catfish was packed, rocking to the sounds of the 80s and slinging back authentic looking bloody marys. I mean a real bloody mary seems hard to find in NYC!

But look at these Oysters!

photo (151)

I had to cut an oyster in half. Because…… not even going to say it, as your response will be “that’s what she said!”

Post oyster demolishing, the second appetizer arrives…

photo (152)

Hello baked crawfish mac n cheese….. yes that is a potato chip topping.

And the Finale…

photo (153)

Jambalaya; full of flavor and the right amount of heat. Check out Catfish, you won’t be disappointed.

Good Morning Brooklyn

Once a year this city calls me.. it calls to many.

And every year I’m convinced I could live there.. the gospel music floating in through the open windows envelopes me. The energy seduces.. there’s this aching sadness when I leave.

Even the 5am street fight below my window does not deter me..

photo (142)

This trip was my first real Brooklyn experience. S or (FWMMR whom you can read more about here) recently moved to a changing Brooklyn neighborhood. Shops are opening, restaurants drawing in the crowds. My Brooklyn food filled adventures call for their own separate posts.. to come!

We wandered in and out of the city…

Window shopping… eating… people watching… more eating.

Like I gained 8 pounds eating.. cleanse needed.

photo (143)

S may have been over my picture taking and ooogling of her neighborhood streets 🙂

photo (147)

Of course, Brooklyn exploration would not be complete without a cheese shop stop at Wedge. I mean, you can take the girl out of the Midwest, but the cheese obsession never dies… Cheese, cured meats, jams and Sprecher soda; hi I’m moving next door.

photo (145)

While I’d give many things for new wardrobe to have come out of this trip, I’d say we had shopping success!

photo (148)

As a former sock hater, I now have an obsession with colorful socks..

photo (146)

More to come on this Brooklyn adventure!

Anyone else have a sock obsession?

Jet Set: Fort Myers Beach

photo (74)

I woke up to this view for three beautiful days last weekend. And I’ve confirmed:

One day I will be a snowbird.  You know, the type that lives in the Midwest yet spends the winter in the south.  Yes, that will be me.  One day.  Until then it is the vacations, celebrations and bachelorette parties that draw me to the beach.  Hello sun, cocktails and over eager 22 year old boys in bars.

I mean, doesn’t a bachelorette party call for a few antics? When you get about 13 girls on a beach, or dressed up for the night, reminiscing of college days gone by, you never know what will happen…. Throw in a party bus, mini bottles of champagne…

 Maybe hide your cell phone, from yourself?  Just saying….

 And then post-antics recovery on the beach?

What could be better?

photo (75)

I could easily see my future vacation house down this road…. Couldn’t you?

Olive on a Plane!

So have you ever flown with your pet? Carried them through security? Felt as though everyone was staring at you? Started to get the nervous sweats?


photo (61)

Well Olive and I took our first flight together last weekend. And yes, I couldn’t stop sweating. Like everyone was staring, O she’s that girl. Cocktail needed.

It was as though everyone was praying I wasn’t on their flight. And all Olive was doing, was peeking out and taking it all in. She just wanted to observe. Until we got on the plane that is……

Going under the seat was not something she wanted to do. Not at all. Thankfully a dog lover sat next to us. Who threw her coat over us, allowing Olive to hide on my lap. She was like my protector. My advocate. She was not going to let the flight attendant tell her otherwise. (Love Mid-Westerners turned New Yorkers. Best. people. ever.)

For 45 minutes Olive and I hid under her heavy winter coat. The sweating continued. But we made it. Nightmare over.  However, the return flight, without my protector, was awful.  No big winter coat to hide under and a strict flight attendant to boot.  Terrible, heartbreaking crying ensued.  Why weren’t the meds working??  I spent the flight hunched over, attempting to calm her with constant touch.

I do not think Olive will be making an appearance on another flight any time soon…..  Do you travel with your pets?