Waffle Batter Survival.

Happy happy Friday!

I’m only able to survive the lingering cold and 100 degree temp change (Cambodia humidity I miss you) because of the rumored forecast next week…. 50 degrees do not fail me now 🙂

Another thing amping up my survival skills? My return to exploring  new places around Minneapolis.

One place that’s been on my list for quite some time, I mean we are at inside joke status because we never end up going, despite numerous attempts……

Nightingale. (PS they have Happy Hour Daily.)

The interior is so charming I just want to curl up at their bar on the regular. It is inviting, its intriguing, I’ll just order oysters every so often and linger all day.


The cheeseburger…. if you are craving an all American classic, go to Nightingale.  I’ll be there ordering extra sides of the herb aioli to smother my fries in.

FullSizeRender (79)

Another way to survive the (cross my fingers) last snowfall of March? Northbound Smokehouse. Brewpub.  When friend buys a house literally around the corner, how could you not borrow snowboots three sizes too big, and traipse through the unwanted inches towards a pint of Honey Wheat and waffle batter cheese curds?

Yes I said that right. WAFFLE BATTER CHEESE CURDS. You salty/sweet people would be remiss if a basket of these was not ordered.

 FullSizeRender (80)

To me, the end of winter survial equals a basket of waffel batter cheese curds.

Waffel Batter Survival.

How do you survive the lingering cold?

3 thoughts on “Waffle Batter Survival.

  1. Waffle batter cheese curds?! That’s not something I’d normally go for, but I feel like I’d have to try it just because it sounds so weird! I actually was “lucky” enough to catch a cold this week, so I’ve been dealing with the cold and a sickness cold with a lot of soup. I’m also counting point on Weight Watchers because I want to lose weight, which makes eating absolutely no fun in my opinion. 😉

  2. northbound brew house is one of the most underrated restaurants in the city- it’s so, so good!! we’ve had those very cheese curds, and they make my wisconsin-born husband one very happy man. also, herb aioli? are you about to teach me about another sauce?? christina = sauce queen.

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