Friday Favs #3

 Happy Happy Weekend! How in the world does 5 straight days of work feel so long? I guess thats what a faux-vacation will do to a girl.

So now, a roundup of my favorites from the last week.

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1) Oysters and Champagne- with friends in town and tastebuds numbed, salty foods are a girls best friend. Have you been to the happy hour at The Lowry?

FullSizeRender (50)

2) Introducing out of town friends to Punch Pizza. Because, you know, its accross the street and happens to be in my mind, the closest Neopolitan pizza I’ve had since moving out of Florence.

FullSizeRender (48)

3)Friends who come to visit and yet make you breakfast in the morning. And not just any breakfast might I add. CREPES. Homemade crepes. They were delicious, from what my numbed tastebuds could taste 🙂

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4)More dinners in.  With these frigid temps and wind chill nightmares, the last thing I want to do after work is head out to dinner.  Give me a bottle of wine and the fuzziest blanket please. Add my sweats, slippers and puppy on my feet to keep me warm.  Or fleece lined leggings, but I’ve totally been wearing those to work this week as tights……

FullSizeRender (51)

FullSizeRender (52)

FullSizeRender (53)

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 5) Friends who drive five hours to see you. And put up with you blowing your nose every 2 minutes, leaking tissues out of every pocket and sounding like a very hoarse man. 🙂

What was your favorite from the week?

5 thoughts on “Friday Favs #3

  1. Love it! I’m not a huge fan of oysters, but they do make for something fun and different! (which is exactly what we need in January in MN). Hope you’re feeling better!!

  2. I hope you’re feeling better! All of these meals look amazing. How nice to have friends that make you crepes! But really, now all I want is Punch Pizza and it’s not even 8 am!

  3. um… i seriously love punch. i spent a year living in rome, and the pizza reminds me of my favorite italian haunts – so so good. doesn’t get enough press for seeming kinda like a chain, right? i mean, it’s just as good as lola without the long wait!

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