Spoonful of Crudo

Hello Blog. Long time no see.

With Christmas, a faux-break from work, and being doused in cold meds for the last few days, this little space has been a bit neglected.

No fear, I am back…… though quite possibly still in a medicated state.

A few weeks ago I somehow got into Spoon and Stable, the new, everyone-wants-in-place. My actual reservation isn’t for another couple of weeks, (which I made a month ago!) However, during the middle of the week, we were able to grab a table in the bar. With the ability to order both the bar menu and the dinner menu here, I was delighted,ย feeling as though I had magically skipped the reservation waitlist. Almost as if I had won the reservation lottery.

Have you ever felt that way?

The restaurant deities were looking over me that night.

GET THE DAYBOAT SCALLOP CRUDO. Do not leave without it. It was the highlight of my meal and a dish I still dream about. I may order three of these next time…

Go with someone who wants to explore the menu.ย  We picked from multiple of the menu categories, though did not explore the options from “land” or “sea”.ย  Next time ๐Ÿ™‚

FullSizeRender (45)

FullSizeRender (46)

FullSizeRender (47)

Have you been yet? If not, do not forget to order the scallop crudo….. otherwise those restaurant deities may come after you.. Be warned ๐Ÿ™‚

5 thoughts on “Spoonful of Crudo

  1. GIMME!!!!! I love sitting at the bar. Another great place is Bar La Grassa. I actually don’t like sitting at a table there. I want to watch the cooks doing their thing!

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